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Enter the Haggis

Artist: Enter the Haggis
Title: Enter the Haggis - BOUND FOR AMERICA (Official Lyric Video)

Video Description:

Happy Election Day, everyone!

This is the official lyric video for our song "Bound For America," which is on our new album "The Archer's Parade."

The video features the lovely faces of Haggis Heads (and their family members). We used as many as we could fit in; sorry if your photo didn't make the cut!

This is Brian, just speaking on my own behalf.

My whole family history is the story of immigrants.

My birth-mother was a first-generation Canadian born to Irish and (unbelievably) Jamaican parents. My adoptive father is a first-generation Polish Canadian. I myself, having gotten a Green Card, am now an immigrant.

People don't emigrate to game a system, or to exploit social programs. People emigrate because they believe, down deep, that they're making a momentous and difficult decision that will improve their lives, and give them an opportunity to fulfill their own potential.

Immigrants work their butts off to make their communities better, and they love their adopted countries with a passion and reverence that the rest of us should envy.

I'll bet that most of you, watching this video, can trace your lineage to a person who, in the last hundred years or so, made the hard choice to uproot themselves and chase a dream far from home. Maybe they were fleeing religious persecution. Maybe there was a famine. Maybe they just thought America, or Canada, would give them a chance to build something they couldn't build at home.

Today's immigrants are no different. They just want safety, a stable job and a good school for their kids. They pay taxes. They build our infrastructure and harvest our food. They're our friends, and neighbors.

Their kids are our kids' best friends.

They made a choice to roll the dice on a new life in a society we sold them on TV. If we're really who we like to say we are, we have to open our arms and welcome them into the chaotic, maddening, cultural mosaic of America. Because most of us are immigrants, and we're all just looking for a good life.

Immigrants are allies, not aliens. We're here because we want to be - because we believe in what America represents. Welcoming us is the most American thing you can do.

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