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The Celtic Zodiac

Celtic Astrology was created by the Druids sometime around 1000BC. The Druid religion was based on 3 basic strands of belief: the first was to remember their ancestors and the past; the second was to have an understanding of nature so that they could work with it, not against it; and the third was to explore the connection of everyday reality with that of the spiritual realm.

In Celtic astrology, the zodiac is based on the trees that the Druids held sacred. It was believed that the trees themselves expressed personal characteristics that could then be associated with particular months of the year. This was done by connecting the tree to a lunar month through the use of the consonants in the Celtic alphabet. 13 of the consonants form the calendar of seasonal magic, and the 5 vowels represent complementary seasonal stations.

Unlike the Greco-Roman zodiac, the Celtic calendar has 13 astrological signs based on lunar months. Each month contains 28 days, except the last one (Ruis/Elder) which only has 24. However, the Celtic zodiac isn't confined solely to the lunar cycle. The Druids split their years into 2 halves: the dark half and the light half to represent the recurring cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. As a result the Druids developed a zodiac rooted in both the lunar and solar cycles of life.

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The Rowan

1/22 - 2/18
The Ash

2/19 - 3/17
The Alder

3/18 - 4/14
The Willow

4/15 - 5/12
The Hawthorn

5/13 - 6/9
The Oak

6/10 - 7/7
The Holly

7/8 - 8/4
The Hazel

8/5 - 9/1
The Vine

9/2 - 9/29
The Ivy

9/30 - 10/27
The Reed

10/28 - 11/24
The Elder

11/25 - 12/23
The Birch

12/24 - 1/21

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