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Broadcast Weight: 63%
Heavy Rotation

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Album Almost Irish Rating
Year 2005 # Rated
Requests 516 Performs
Genre Celtic



If your a pirate I dont beleive it
I dont beleive that your capable of such deeds
If your a pirate then lets see your wallet and we will see if your licensed for the seas
Are you capable of swinging from the riggings of a ship
Or wearing a black doo-rag when it really aint that hip
I don't think so, I don't think so, at all
CHORUS:So where's your eye patch
Where's your peg leg
If your a pirate
Where's your gun
Where's your booty
Your sassy parrot
I can't picture you on a bottle of cheap rum
Cause you're the worst pirate, the worst pirate in the world
Cause you're a girl
So all you females just put your swords down
Im not a fool and Im not amused
You've got no hook hand, No secret island
And pirates never go to the bathroom in twos
So if this is some type of cheap prank
Then tell me who exactly walks your plank
Not me, Not me
No,nay, never, not me
CHORUS:A pirate vessel is not a bathroom
No walk-in closet, there's no bidet
There's no pink loofah hanging in the shower and pirates don't worry about what shoes to wear today
Because evryone knows pirates just wear black
They raise the flag of skull and bones when they attack
Not birds and flowers, Not birds and flowers
Not birds and flowers, Not birds and flowers

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