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The Clan System

Your membership with CelticRadio.net entitles you to take part in our exclusive ranking system through the Celtic Radio Community forum. When your journey starts you will be a lowly peasant in the vast and populous Celtic Nation. Now is a good time to choose your avatar (character picture), fill out your profile and create a signature. Taking the time to develop your online persona will help you gain both friendship and respect with the local peoples. We have over 500 avatars and posting icons in our treasure trove, so choose wisely. The lowly peasants of the Celtic Nation have little tolerance for hasty decisions, but something tells us you will not be a peasant for very long!

Your quest is simple, post wisely and post often to gain the rank you deserve. Here is a breakdown of the number of posts you need to increase your rank and reap the rewards:

The Clan System

Min Posts
Peasant 00
Servant 25
Clan Member 50
Honored Clan Member 75
Chieftain of the Clan 100
Braveheart Member 125
Knight of the Round Table 150
Celtic Guardian 175
Join a Celtic Nation! 200 Custom Title!

Seven Celtic Nations



Isle of Man






Specialty Member Groups

From time to time we will include a number of specialty groups, such as our 'Fellowship of the Ring' or 'Hogwarts' member groups. Please note that atleast 400 posts are required to join any of the specialty member groups.

For those members wishing to distinguish themselves above the rest, we offer the much sought after CelticRadio Founder's club. This crown signifies your conquest of the ranking system and inclusion into the high order of Celtic Radio founding members. In addition to recognition as a founding member, this special group includes enhanced member services. Read more about sign-up and features!

Celtic Kingdom The Fellowship Hogwarts Celtic Prince Celtic Princess

Good luck in your travels, journey and completion of the ranking system. And remember, above all else - have some fun!

Beyond the Ranking System

Update: We have created a new unlimited ranking system called the 'RPG' Level System. RPG stands for 'Role Playing Game' and to millions of computer users it describes your health and stamina while playing many popular role playing games (such as warcraft and diablo). We have adopted the 'RPG' Level System for the CelticRadio.net community forums. It provides an unlimited level system that is based on real time stats of all members throughout the community.

Medieval Kingdom

Medieval KingdomTM is a turn based game that allows you to create and build a kingdom of castles, buildings and villagers. This retro game focuses on resources such as Gold, Food and Wood which are allocated every hour to all participating Celtic Radio members.

Time passes by fast in Medieval Kingdom as every hour equates to one month, so from the time you sign-up to the game you can quickly amass sufficient resources to start researching and constructing buildings. Kingdom defenses (and offenses!) can be raised in the form of your Kingdom's army. Market, Politics and Missions all have a role in your successful ascent to the Royal Crown - King or Queen of all of Celtic Radio! Read More...

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