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The RPG Level System

You have probably been wondering about that fancy looking graphic under your member name? Well then, you have come to the right place! When we first developed our Clan Ranking System and then our Celtic Nation Groups, we thought the challenge of these ranking systems would satisfy our members for a long time to come. But to many die-hard CelticRadio.net members, these ranking systems were accomplished (to our surprise) in a number of weeks! So, we searched the internet for a more permanent ranking system until we found the 'RPG' Level System.

RPG stands for 'Role Playing Game' and to millions of computer users it describes your health and stamina while playing many popular role playing games (such as warcraft and diablo). We have adopted the 'RPG' Level System for the CelticRadio.net community forums. It provides an unlimited level system that is based on real time stats of all members throughout the community.

A member's level is determined by their total number of posts. By using a mathmatical formula we translate the total number of a member's posts into an level number. The member with the highest posts will have the highest level.

HP stands for Hit Points. HP is based on a member's activity. Max HP is based on the member's level and will generally be the same for all members of the same level. A members current HP is based on the member's posts per day. A higher post per day, the more HP a member will have. A member with an average number of posts per day will have 50% of their max HP, but the gains will decrease as the member's post per day increases. This makes achieving 100% HP difficult, but not impossible. Members who manage to post so far above the average posts per day that they have more HP than their max will receive a bonus to their max HP!

MP stands for Mana Points. MP is calculated by how long the member has been around and how often they post. Max MP is based on level and increases with level. Each post a member makes costs them MP. A member regenerates MP proportional to how many days they have been a registered member.

EXP shows the Experience as a percentage. It is determined by how far the member is away from the next level. This is expressed as a percentage. The higher the percentage the closer that member is to the next level. Reaching 100% EXP means that the member will go up 1 level on their next post.

Through the 'RPG' level system we hope to provide you with yet another fun addition to the CelticRadio.net community forums. Any suggestions or improvements you would like to see to our Clan and Level systems, please let us know!

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