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We hope that you have been enjoying our website and streaming music broadcast. Because we have such a close knit and strong community of Celtic Radio Supports, we are often asked how people can help with our website and broadcast. Here are a list of suggestions of ways you can help us stay online. The best part is you do not necessarily need to send us money to help!

Quick Links

Spread the Word

The best way to help us is to tell everyone you know about! Just like the Gaels of old, our message is spread from family to family and from friend to friend. You can use our 'Tell a Friend' form if you would like to email someone about our site. Talk about us to vendors and people you meet at Celtic festivals and Highland Games. People are usually very intrigued and interested about new technology and Celtic Radio is an excellent 'icebreaker' conversation. Better yet, talk to musicians or send them an email about our unique service. If you hear a song on Celtic Radio and you purchase the CD, send an email off to the musician's website. This really makes a good impression for us and usually results in more CDs for our member contests! And if you know someone that runs a website, tell them about our low-cost banner advertising program with rates starting as low as $3 per month!

Give us a Link

You don't need to run or own a website to give us a return link. Even if you post to other messageboards on the internet you can include one of our custom designed logos in your signature. We offer many link designs for Highlander Radio, and even a special graphic banner that shows our current playing song and artist! These can be used on websites and under profiles or signatures for messageboards. The more links we receive outside of, the higher we will be ranked in the search engines. Visit our link section for a preview of our logos and helpful HTML code that is only a copy and paste away!

Donate a CD

We recently started accepting donated CDs for our broadcast. Our only requirement is that the CD must be an original copy. Copies are strickly forbidden and will be returned unless we have written authorization from the musician and copyright owner. We will even put a short note on our main page when the album is playing in recognize of your donation. Just tell us what you would like it to say in under 50 characters. Examples that we have received: "In Memory of (Person's Name)", "Donated by (membername)", etc. We can even provide a link back to your site in your message! Please contact us for more details.

Become a Member

By signing up as a member, you can participate in our popular community forum. Becoming an active contributing member helps our site by attracting more members and listeners who are interested in what you have to say! Who knows, you may even be offered a position as one of our moderators or even forum guides! If you are interested in enhancing your member account, you can sign-up as a Celtic Radio Founder. Our founder members enjoy a wealth of benefits and additional preferred services. Read more if you are interested in this exclusive membership account!

Order a Cool Bumper Sticker

Help support our website and broadcast by purchasing a bumper sticker! Not only do all of the funds from the sale of our stickers goes towards our site; but you will help promote Celtic Radio to your friends, family and the people out on the road! The stickers are also great on bulletin boards, by your computer or on a window!

Our bumper stickers are standard 3" by 10" in size and are made of the finest synthetic (polypropylene or polyester) materials. We use automotive grade color pigments, heat fused onto the material, so they are very much weather resistant to heat, cold, rain, snow, carwashes, etc. The stickers are flexible and easy to apply.

Our bumper sticker looks beautiful placed at the center or side of your bumper and is viewable from a far distance. If you love Celtic Radio, then we can guarantee that you will not be disappointment with our bumper sticker! Let everyone know about our music and online community by purchasing our sticker today!

Price Includes Shipping and Handling:

North America International

Purchase a Shirt

We offer a whole catalog of customized designed shirts that are perfect for clan gatherings, celtic music festivals or highland games. We have even created a unique Highlander Radio T-Shirt by an internationally renowned Celtic Artist. View our product offerings at Celtic Radio Gifts and get your Tee today!

Make a Donation

While our services are free to use for all, it does cost us thousands of dollars a year to keep our ever expanding website and broadcast up and running. From 3 dedicated computer servers, DSL and hosting services, electricity, storage, back-up devices, software, hardware, license fees and royalty payments to name a few of our numerous expenses. You can help us stay online by sending us a small donation (1$, $5, $10 or more). Consider the benefits of Highlander Radio:

  • Celtic music all the time.
  • Companion website with requests and playlists.
  • Discover new Celtic musicians.
  • Hear music before you buy.
  • Helps promote Scottish, Irish and Celtic culture.
  • Music just like at the Celtic Festivals right from your home!
  • Meet new friends in our popular on-line community.
  • Free email, journal, online photo album, games & more!

Please help us continue the website and broadcast that you have come to know and love by making a donation today. Whether it is $1, $5, $10 or more, your donation will help us continue to grow and introduce new features and services to our website and broadcast. Please contact us if you wish to mail us your donation. We thank you in advanced for your continued support!

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