Celtic music is known for its fondness for the old country, its beautiful aires, lively reels and jigs, and earthy ballads. At least Ceann gets the earthy part right! Ceann, a Celtic Rock band based in New York City via Pittsburgh, has exploded on the East Coast Celtic Music scene. They've been described in the press as "The Wiggles with too much whiskey and no curfew to "They Might Be Giants drunk on Guinness to "If you went to see the Farrelly Brothers and they turned out to be a band. Ceann never fails to inspire some kind of impressive reaction.

Ceann has made a name for themselves on both sides of the Atlantic by poking fun at the all too popular theme in Irish music of Americans pretending to be Irish. The band has embraced their true identity, five Americans of ambiguous Irish descent who didn't want to pay for beer anymore. The aforementioned Americans are Patrick Halloran (Guitar, Button Box, Vocals), Marc Wisnosky (Irish Tin Whistle, Irish Tenor Banjo, Bodhran, Vocals), James G. Telfer, IV (Bass, Fiddle, Bodhran, Vocals), Scott "The Back Taylor (Drums), Brer Brian (Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals), and Jimmy Gleason (Banjo, Stratocaster, Vocals).

Patrick and Marc met each other while attending the University of Pittsburgh. In 1999, they began playing some of the Irish folk standards they knew and began writing their own Pittsburgh/Irish themed originals. James Telfer joined in 2001, adding his unique take on Irish music and rounding out the trio. Both Jeff Hoag, and The Back were added to the lineup in 2005, with mandolin player Brer Brian stepping in for occasional guest appearances.

Ceann found quickly that their greatest talent was their ability to add a comic twist into their act. Before they even had 20 songs in their repertoire, Patrick had penned an original song entitled Top of the O (based on real life experiences at the Pittsburgh landmark The Original Hot Dog Shop) and Marc had penned the lyrics to a Whisky in the Jar spoof, Ahrn at this Bar. Both songs became instant cult classics around Pittsburgh and in 2003 and 2004, Ceann na Caca was voted one of Pittsburghs favorite bands, a first for an Irish music act.

Celtic Radio Comments
That bunch of hard rocking, Yankee, Irish playing boys from Pittsburgh are at it again. With the release of their newest album - "Rave, Rant, Lose Pants" - these boys have proved their just not a blip on the radar screen. Their "Premium Brewed Fun" style of Irish music served Yankee side is certainly to make any die hard Celtic Rock fan addicted within minutes.

We didn't think it could get any better than Ceann's last release - Almost Irish, with their hit single "The Worst Pirate Song." But "Rave, Rant, Lose Pants" shows that Ceann is truly one of the greatest Irish-American bands on the scene today - only this time we are talking Vikings! The band's selection of tunes - such as "Blame the Viking", "Monahan the Mutineer", "McGranahan's Wife", and "New York Girls" will have you smiling and singing in no time!

If you liked "Almost Irish" then you will absolutely love "Rave, Rant, Lose Pants." It doesn't get much better when one of the premier Celtic Rock bands can make you sing, dance and smile all in one album! Pick your copy up today for summer cookouts, parties and on the boat - you won't be sorry! Stroke, Stroke, Stroke...........