Somewhere in between class and innovation - The Perkelt project is actually the brainchild of Stepan Honc, a musician and performer from the Czech Republic.

Stepan has an academic background in music, and he had the chance to master performance, music history, and other focus areas while studying at some of Europe’s most notable music schools and institutions. From him, Perkelt is more than just a music project - it is the realization of a life-long dream. He acts as a composer, arranger, and instrumentalist, along with founding member Paya Lehane, who shares an equally impressive passion for music, as well as a rich academic background. Recently, the project brought a stunning new single to life. With “Air and Fire,” it seems that Perkelt set out to bring a keen sense of spirituality to their music. By that, I don’t necessarily mean that the music itself deals with spiritual or religious topics, but rather that the sound itself is an experience that could be regarded as spiritual, in more than a few ways.

This new studio effort represents a significant step forward for the artist, showcasing a sound that feels refined, yet instinctive and loaded with energy, and lush atmospheres, which really brings a lot of warmth to this amazing project, adding more details to the songs.

The band members perform their music like a tightly knit unit, and they transcend the usual boundaries of what people expect from fork music, bringing a very distinctive edge to their tone. This release will hit you with the melodies of folk and the energy of spontaneous performances, going for a timeless, yet modern feel.

Perkelt operates at a high level across the board. Not only is the songwriting on point, but the unity of the musicians is also impressive. The thrill of creativity is apparent here, and this music sounds very innovative. However, there is also a very familiar element to it, bringing such a relatable listening experience to the table. In fact, this new project highlights the group’s kaleidoscopic approach. The music stretches out towards different directions, highlighting Perkelt’s incredibly remarkable artistic versatility. This act is a perfect example of how to successfully combine technical sounds, with heart and focus.

If you enjoy the sound and feel of authentic folk music experience, but with a pinch of “that something special” that’s quite hard to put into words, then this one is definitely going to be right up your alley. A lot of heart went into the making of this beautiful music, and the reward is a much more intriguing listening experience.

Find out more about Perkelt and do not miss out on “Air and Fire” which is currently available on the web. 5 stars from Celtic Radio!