"; align="left" hspace="10" width="300" height="196">Celtic Radio is pleased to announce the availability on our Highlander Radio channel a new program that we will be re-broadcasting throughout the week. Simply" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">">Simply Scottish is a half hour program produced by Andrew McDiarmid that focuses on all things Scottish. This new program will fit in nicely with our Highlander Radio broadcast and with our previously announced focus on a "Scottish" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">">Scottish Summer." Here is a brief description of the program direct from Simply Scottish:

"Previously a weekly radio program on stations in the U.S. and Canada, Simply Scottish is a weekly podcast of music and features. Enjoy all styles of Scottish music, from traditional folk to pop/rock, jazz, and instrumental. Learn more about Scotland's history, culture, and people on every episode with informative features and interviews. Simply Scottish is featured in What's Hot and New & Noteworthy on iTunes and is ranked #1 in Places/Travel on Podomatic! Tune in regularly for your dose of all things Scottish!"

Andrew professionally produces each program with a wealth of knowledge and information on all things Scottish - both on past and current topics. Having been born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, Andrew is a great resource of information on Scottish culture and music. Some recent program features includes Robert Burns, Scottish Cuisine and Highland Games. We highly recommend this program for those that want to find out about Scotland through a fun and informative half hour program. Currently playing on Highlander Radio at these times:

Broadcast Schedule
09:15 a.m.
02:00 a.m.
04:00 p.m.
04:00 p.m.

All times are in Eastern Standard Time. To view the show times in your local time zone, please view our broadcast schedule">schedule;. For those with iTunes or interested in hearing Simply Scottish on-demand, please visit the SimplyScottish.com">; website which has a full description of each show as well as links to hear the individual programs.

With the addition of Simply Scottish, we bring together a total of 6 programs that Highlander Radio is re-broadcasting. From folk songs, to pub songs, commentary and interviews. Listen to">; Highlander Radio in HD on our free Live365 Channel. Enjoy!