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Six Yanks

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#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Misty Mornings Miss'd
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2 Pretty Wild Bride
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3 Modern Pirates
View Song Information
4 Love With A Priest
View Song Information
5 Real Old Mountain Dew
View Song Information
6 Beauty And The Rum
View Song Information
7 More Pipes
View Song Information
8 Tartan Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
View Song Information
9 Tim Finegan's Wake
View Song Information
10 Dear Auld Ireland
View Song Information
11 Whiskey-Bailey's-Guinness
View Song Information
12 A Band's A Band For A 'That
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13 The Bar I Love Remained
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: vikinghighlander
Date Posted: 12-Jul-2006

Comments: I also agree!!I am going to buy SIX YANKS as soon as I am done typing this.BARLEYJUICE is AWESOME!!!!!

Member Name: Macfive
Date Posted: 06-Jul-2006

Comments: I'll say it again, this album is awesome! One of the favorite tracks is "Tartan is the Color of my True Lovers Hair" - definitely a get up and go song!

#1 on the Celtic Radio Top Ten Charts for Today 7/6/06!

Member Name: Rindy
Date Posted: 04-Jul-2006

Comments: I would have to agree with you Macfive! Go Barley Juice....

Slainte smile.gif

Member Name: Macfive
Date Posted: 17-Jun-2006

Comments: Six Yanks is one of my favorite CDs. Some of my favorite tracks are More Pipes and Tartan Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair.

Barleyjuice is just awesome!


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