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Signature - Iona

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Signature - Iona


The Sound of Iona

Listener Reviews

Member Name: CelticRadio
Date Posted: 19-Feb-2018

Comments: Iona is a group consisting of a host of talented musicians and performers, keen on offering their own rendition of some of the best Scottish, Irish and Gaelic tunes with a very personal twist.

Their music is not only inspired by the timeless traditions of Celtic folk, but it also dives deeper into ancestral European traditions from France, Cornwall and Spain, while tipping the hat to American roots music.

Barbara Ryan, lead singer and multi-instrumentalist, started the project with Bernard Argent back in 1986. Eventually, the pair were joined by Jim Queen (fiddle), as well as Chuck Lawhorn (bass). Ever since their early days, Iona managed to make an impression on the Mid-Atlantic regions, due to their technically sophisticated, yet emotionally engaging performances and record releases.

The pair’s studio effort, “Signature” is a perfect example of the group’s ongoing musical legacy and strong personality. Featuring 10 songs, the album has a lengthy and extensive set list with a really eclectic feel...

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