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#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Isolation
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2 Revenant
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3 Tir nAill
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4 Specters
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5 Sentinel
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6 The Painted Ones
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7 Baobhan Sith
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8 Lay of the Ashes
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9 Idistaviso
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10 Oran na Gaillinn
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11 Albion II
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12 Legacy
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13 To Avalon
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: CelticRadio
Date Posted: 05-Mar-2022

Comments: Sentinel by Celtic rockers SYR is an explosive album full of emotion and energy that is destined to draw in curious new listeners as well as fans of the genre looking for fresh voices. Siblings Kyle and Lauren MacCallum are absolutely outstanding with their individual vocals and respective talents on guitar and percussion. Kyle's definitive cadences are a breath of fresh air for the community, suggesting a sound beyond his years and even can be compared to modern rockstars such as Brandon Boyd from Incubus. Laurel's dreamy melodies transport the listener to historical Celtic nations and folklore tales that stay alive within...

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