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Burning Bridget Cleary
Pressed for Time

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Featured Artist
#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Pressed for Time / Bonnie Mulligan
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2 On a Sea of Fleur De Lis
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3 The Black Rogue / McIntyre's Fancy / the Twin's Delight
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4 Oh My Little Darling / Fire On the Mountain
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5 Ashokan Farewell
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6 The Ballad of Tim Evans
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7 Mother's Day / Up in the Garret / 30th Anniversary
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8 Clay Slaps / the Appropriate Dipstick / Trip to Miriam's
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9 Two Sisters
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10 Sitting in the Stern of a Boat
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11 I Know Who Is Sick / On the Spot
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12 Stor Mo Chroi / Eddie Kelly's
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Burning Bridget Cleary

Burning Bridget Cleary

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Burning Bridget Cleary at Celtic Classic 2012

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At The Acoustic Coffeehouse 8

Burning Bridget Cleary - Stor Mo Chroi

Burning Bridget Cleary - Oh My Little Darling

Burning Bridget Cleary - Ashokan Farewell

Listener Reviews

Member Name: balindsey
Date Posted: 20-Mar-2014

Comments: Definitely worth seeing live. I've seen them more times than I can count (dozens).

I was worried when Genna left that the band wouldn't last but Deirdre Lockman has put her own stamp on things.

Pressed for Time:

My favorites on this one are:

1) The only non-Celtic song on the CD - Oh My Little Darling / Fire On the Mountain, an American old-timey/bluegrass song.

2) The Ballad of Tim Evans - BBC hasn't been much for rebel or political songs (unless one counts the two Bridget tributes on early CDs) but nails this one about the hanging of an accused murderer who was later proved innocent.

3) Stor Mo Chroi - this one features Kat Watson, who briefly replaced Genna but left the band for personal reasons after a few months. It's an Irish anti-emigration
song usually sung slowly, but Kat and Rose step up the tempo. Check youtube for the video, too.

4) Sitting in the Stern of a Boat - Deirdre solos on the fiddle with this tune written by a Scottish clergyman leaving his parish in the Hebrides for the Scottish mainland.

Member Name: Shadows
Date Posted: 28-Jul-2013

Comments: I have had the privalage of seeing this group live in Sellingsgrove, PA.
Let me tell you the sound and performance take you to the hills of irland. The album does not even come close to them live, but none the less is great!

Member Name: CelticRadio
Date Posted: 26-Jul-2013

Comments: Burning Bridget Cleary is quickly conquering the spotlight of the Celtic and folk music scene internationally, hailed as an energetic and engaging live band, as well as a solid studio act that well represents the nuances and detailed history of the genre. The group’s latest effort, “Press for time” set out to capture the evergreen feel of the Irish Folk tradition with modern production values, which highlight the highly skilled musicianship of the band members, doing a great job capturing the organic vibe of these talented performers. Although I find no fault in the band’s recorded output, I feel that these recordings offer just a hint of what Burning Bridget Cleary can do on a stage, especially as a couple of stereo speakers are replaced by the “human touch” and all the intimacy these 4 talented individuals can offer to the audience.

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