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The Pipers' Gathering 2006
Live from Killington VT

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#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Interlude / Mr. Tollet's Hornpipe
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2 Standing Abbey / Fairy Queen
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3 Lucy Farr's Barn Dance / James Gannon's Barndance
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4 Mo Dhachlaigh / Finbar Saunders / The Handshaker / Dr. Drone
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5 Miss Hannah Ormston / Kati Elliott's Jig
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6 Trip to Galilee
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7 Lament of the Three Marys / Niel Gow's Wife / The Ravelled Hank of Yarn
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8 Keening in the Wind / Clumsy Lover
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9 Ace and Deuce of Pipering
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10 Philib Séimh Ó Fathaigh
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11 The Glorious Thirteenth / The Star
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12 The Braes of Locheil / Lang Stayed Away
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13 Wild Hills o' Wannies / William Taylor's Hornpipe
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14 The Stamford Waltz
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15 The Coming of Spring / The Black Rogue
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16 Napoleon's Farewell to Paris / Temple Hill
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17 The Sleeping Tune / Hecla / Tullybannocher / Big Duncan's Reel
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