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Jo and Max
Isle of Hope

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#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Ready for the Storm
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2 Mary's Prayer
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3 Touch the Sky
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4 The Pilgrim
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5 Noreen
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6 Young Ned of the Hill
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7 Sailing to Philadelphia
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8 I'll Tell Me Ma
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9 Western Highway
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10 Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears
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11 Someone Like You
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12 Donald, Where's Your Trousers
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13 Another Man's Cause
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14 Eirinn
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15 Take me up to Monto
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16 Be the Young
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17 If God was One of Us
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18 I'm Counting on Your
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: JoSolo
Date Posted: 22-Nov-2018

Comments: Jo and Max is a Celtic folk music duo formed in 2015.
At some night at a family party Jo told Max that he has to play a gig next weekend and asked if Max wants to join him. Max replied that this would be fine. So they played 7 hours live music together for the first time without any practice. It is the perfect match. Jo is playing solo concerts since 2007. Mostly in Irish Bars or places that have a favor for the Celtic culture, like Whisky tastings. With his voice and his guitar, he even turns a German pub into a public house.
Max is a multi instrumental genius, who plays several instruments like piano, flute, transverse flute, guitar and all kinds of percussion.
They play traditional Irish or Scottish Folk Songs as well as contemporary music. They have a big repertoire of over 10 hours finest “live” music. From ballads to dance music, from songs written 100 years ago, up to modern pop or folk songs which have a link to Celtic music. All songs are played in a special way, so even popular or old songs sound new and refreshing.

Isle of hope is the debut album of the Celtic Folk duo JO & MAX.
It is a selection of their favorite songs and is a mixture of ballads and up tempo songs. From traditional to contemporary folk music, from popular to independent songs, these boys prove that Celtic folk is more than just the Wild Rover or Whisky In The Jar.
Even though they are from Germany they have the Celtic soul in their music.
Isle of Hope is their first studio album. They found gently support from a bunch full of talented musicians. Some of them never played Celtic music before.
But they soon got a link to that kind of intensive music. With their open view and experiences of other music styles they created a special sound.

Feel free to contact Jo and Max: [email protected] or find them in the web www.jo-solo.de

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