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The Willis Clan
Chapter One - Roots

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Award Winner

#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 A Travelling Song - * Award
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2 Boys from Boston - * Award
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3 The Rambler - * Award
View Song Information
4 Lonely Castle William Set - * Award
View Song Information
5 Ship Of The Line - * Award
View Song Information
6 Maranatha's Wedding - * Award
View Song Information
7 Lottie Lies Among The Flowers - * Award
View Song Information
8 The Wounded Crow - * Award
View Song Information
9 Spinning Set - * Award
View Song Information
10 Jack B - * Award
View Song Information
11 My Soldier - * Award
View Song Information
12 Blast O'Reels - * Award
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: heavenlycreek
Date Posted: 17-Mar-2014

Comments: I love their music!! It brings so much joy and emotion. Jessica is a genius!

Review on The Willis Clan
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Member Name: 1BrightStar
Date Posted: 10-Nov-2013

Comments: I would love to have this.

Review on The Willis Clan
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Member Name: CelticRadio
Date Posted: 21-Jan-2013

Comments: The Willis Clan is literally the creation of Toby and Brenda Willis. It is no small feat having a large family today, and the Willis Clan now numbers 12 children making them a very large family! Their debut album is perfection in Irish traditional music, but what makes this album really shine is the fact that all 12 tracks are original Irish traditional songs created by the Willis Clan! The talent and the quality of these young musicians is truly amazing. Hats off to Toby and Brenda for their hard work in raising such a fine family, and one that will be giving back in music, song and dance for many years to come. 5 Stars for an incredible debut album by the Willis Clan. If you like groups like Lunasa, The Corrs or Solas - then you will love The Willis Clan.

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