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Triona Ni Dhomhnaill
Celtic Christmas, Vol. 2 (Windham Hill)

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#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Phil Cunningham And Manu Lunny
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2 Amanecer
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3 The Wexford Carol
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4 Brid Óg Ni Mhaille
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5 The Day`s Last Night
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6 Muladach Mi Is Mi Air M`aineol
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7 Listen To The River
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8 Marbhna Luimni
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9 After Aughrim's Great Disaster
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10 The Star of the County Down
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11 I`ll Rock You To Rest
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12 Johnny Seoighe
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13 Brian Dunning And Jeff JohnsonVarious - Holiday & ChristCeltic Christmas, Vol. 2 ( Win1996allofmp3.com
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14 The Dove's Return
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: iolanda
Date Posted: 29-Nov-2015

Comments: Love this song and the wonderful snow on Celticradio! Lovely wayto starting my Sunday morning... tHank you so much❤️

Review on Triona Ni Dhomhnaill
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