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Get Up Jack!
Alive and Well Volume II

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#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Galway Races
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2 Bonnie Highland Laddie
View Song Information
3 Paddy on the Railway
View Song Information
4 Galway Girl
View Song Information
5 Big Strong Man
View Song Information
6 I'll Tell Me Ma
View Song Information
7 The Ramblin' Rover
View Song Information
8 Brennan on the Moor/Johnson's Motor Car
View Song Information
9 Streams of Whiskey
View Song Information
10 Go Lassie Go
View Song Information
11 The Girls From Derry
View Song Information
12 Festival of Galway
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13 Boys of the Old Brigade
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14 The Moonshiner
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15 The Scotsman
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: ogdenmusic
Date Posted: 29-Jul-2017

Comments: Great sounding group, hope to catch them live.

Member Name: CelticRadio
Date Posted: 25-Jul-2017

Comments: Get Up Jack is a band with a truly magnetic approach to their sound. They are widely appreciated by audiences and critics alike for their unique blend of Irish folk.

The group features multi-instrumentalist John Haggerty, as well as seasoned performer and songwriter Mike DeAngelis, drummer Scott Apicelli, guitarist/banjoist Crick Diefendorf, bassist Tom Pirozzi and harmonics Doug Johnson.

Their performances are energetic, upbeat and dynamic, and they are able to engage their audience with their stomp-laden songs, fascinating melodies and timeless harmonies....

Review on Get Up Jack! "Alive and Well Volume II"
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