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Irish Makeover

Metisse main man Skully embarks on a solo journey with the release of his new album ‘Irish Makeover’.

Featuring guest appearances from some of Ireland’s finest young artists, such as Mick Flannery, Myles O’Reilly (Juno Falls), and Annette Buckley, Irish Makeover is an exciting new take on a beautiful collection of traditional Irish songs.

”these are songs that have been performed and sung for generations”, says Skully, “from the sean-nos singer beside a fire in an old thatched cottage to grand orchestrated versions, these songs have been passed down through the years”.

”When I set out on this project I was very much aware that we are all just guardians of this music until we too pass it on, so it was important to me that I retain the beauty and emotion of the songs while nudging them gently into the twenty first century”.

These are songs that we all know, songs that perhaps we wouldn’t seek out, but songs that are ever present, and Skully has taken them to somewhere that they haven’t been before now.

This is traditional Ireland’s coming out party for the ipod generation.

About Skully: "Skully had his first gig as a DJ at age fourteen. His father was a showband man performing on the big stage so to Skully music was the family way of life. The Showband scene was not for the new generation so Skully followed the electronic path, partnering with many colleagues over the years to deliver their latest brew. Skully earned himself the name "Professor Skully" as testimony to his mastery of the new electronic music art form. Then came a band called "Chapterhouse" which reached the top of the ladder in terms of success picking up all the highest awards in Ireland. But this was not enough for the "Professor" and in frustration at not breaking the world market he took a seven-year retreat from the music business he so dearly loved. He moved to Toulouse, France where he became a teacher of the English language."

Celtic Radio Comments:
Irish Makeover is an awesome collection of traditional Irish songs performed by Skully of the group Metisse. What makes this CD so unique and exceptional is the strong electronic sounds of each and every song. This creates a powerful, enchanting and mystical realm as you listen to the surreal vocals and talented background melodies mix to create pure perfection of Irish Traditional meets Electronicia.

Skully writes on his website, "And so two years ago I set to work creating Skully versions of these beautiful old Irish songs. Although very electronic (after all that is what I do!) I strove to maintain the powerful emotion that these timeless master pieces possess. The album was recorded at the beautiful Rushbrook Hotel in Cobh...We had great fun making it! I hope everyone supporting it here, has the same fun listening."

Celtic Radio gives Irish Makeover our highest recommendation. If you like to dance and move to some of the hottest Celtic Irish Electronic music and vocals then Irish Makeover is it! Five Gold Celtic Radio Stars for Irish Makeover! Don't be surprised if you hear about Irish Makeover in our 2009 Celtic Radio Music Awards!

Irish Makeover

5.0 Stars!

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Track List
1. Molly Malone
2. The Lark
3. The Lakes of Pontchartrain
4. Mardyke
5. She Moved through the Fair
6. Blackbird
7. King of the Fairies
8. Scarborough Fair
9. Red is the Rose
10. All Around my Hat
11. Shirin

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