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Strong Bow

Kierah is a passionate virtuoso fiddler, with a passion for timeless Celtic melodies. Her recent album, “Strong Bow” is a truly emotional stunner, with beautiful arrangements and outstanding production values.

The artist’s high-level musicianship is apparent from the very first notes of the opening number, as she is able to combine technical proficiency with a spontaneous, natural feel.

It is always very inspiring to hear a musician share something intimate with the audience. Kierah is able to effuse a lot of positivity and emotions through her playing, which is not solely a showcase of virtuoso fiddle skills, but a heartfelt homage to the tradition of Celtic folk.

Strong_Bow” features songs that highlight the artist’s unique approach to composition and fiddle mastery. She explores a wide range of styles, exploring many different melodic and rhythmic solutions. The album features a selection of stunning original compositions, as well as beautiful renditions of other songs that borrow from the vast songbook of the Celtic tradition. On these recordings, Kierah is aided by a stellar cast of world-class musicians, including Adam Dobres on acoustic and electric guitar, as well as multi-instrumentalist Adrian Dolan, percussionist Robin Layne, drummer Jake Jenne, as well as Paul O'Brien (bodhran), Harold Birston (cello) and Michael McGoldrick (flute).

There is a really strong chemistry between these musicians: each and every single one of them contributed beautifully to the sound of this record, particularly Adrian Dolan, who also wears the producer hat for this particular project.

The resulting album is a pleasant and atmospheric journey through old and new melodies - some familiar, some to discover (or re-discover).
Tracks such as Zephyr or Charlotte’s Web reveal the project’s mellow side, while tracks like “Fair Maiden” or “Come West Along The Road” have a more joyous, folk-inspired sound that feels earthy and inviting.

In conclusion, Strong_Bow is a rare gem that combines technical skills and stellar musical chops with authentic passion and heartfelt performances. A must-listen for all purveyors of fine Celtic music and thus earns five stars from Celtic Radio!

Strong Bow

5.0 Stars!

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Track List
1. Jimmy Flynn’s / Farewell to Whalley Range / The Crackin’ Fiddle
2. Roddy McDonald’s Fancy / Rakish Paddy / Cloonloo Reel / Madame Hill
3. Sztajer / Catch Me If You Can
4. Jim Hodder’s Reel / The Highlander Who Kissed His Granny / The Flying / Dowd’s #9
5. Charlotte’s Web / Strong Bow / New Custom House / Under the Gun
6. Come West Along the Road / Fair Haired Molly / MAC’s Russian Red
7. Amber Eyes / Bog an Lochan / Prince Charlie / Hot Toddy
8. Fair Maiden
9. Conundrum / Don’t Burn Your Bridges / Superfly
10. Zephyr / Bellefield House
12. Finbar Dwyer’s Favourite / A Bunch of Malarkey / Jock Brown’s 70th / Stonemason’s Daughter


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