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Castle Walls

With a velvet voice, a hearty laugh, & the traditions of the Celtic winds, Fae Wiedenhoeft takes her listeners on a musical journey through history & tradition. Fae is an award winning songwriter. Her traditional sounding compositions and heart breaking songs are loved and revered by many across the globe. She has traveled across the US, Canada, Ireland, Turkey, and most recently Scotland where she played in Dougie MacLean's Perthshire Amber Festival (2013) and the 2014 Celtic Connections Music Fest.

Her Castle Walls album is a collection of 12 songs with a timeless and melodic Celtic Folk flavor performed by Fae Wiedenhoeft.

The talented Chicago songstress has been performing since she can remember, and she eventually developed a certain confidence in her vocal skills that would allow her to craft beautiful harmonies and truly drive the songs with heartfelt dynamic swings.

Songs like "The Wild" or "Vidalia", feature a relatively straightforward instrumental backbone, with the classic folky rhythm stomp setting the mood. Fae is able to take that familiar format and turn it into a personal and original expression. "West Coast Morning" is probably our absolute favorite track on the recording. The acoustic guitar arpeggios bring the melody from bright to dark and back, adapting to the depth and richness of Fae's vocal range. We love the "bare" feeling of this track, as it relies on two sole elements, yet feels incredibly accomplished and full.

The second half of the album departs a bit from the Celtic footprint, embracing elements of Americana and blues: songs such as “Parksville” and “Melody” are great examples.

With “Castle Walls”, Fae Wiedenhoeft set out to represent many different musical expressions, translating them into a broadly appealing format and earns a 5 star review from Celtic Radio!

Castle Walls

5.0 Stars!

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Track List
1. The Wild
2. West Coast Morning
3. Wings
4. For Karen
5. Vidalia
6. Cuillins of Rhum
7. Melody
8. Henry Martin
9. Parksville
10. Oh No, Not I
11. Black is the Colour
12. Woodcarver


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