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Irish Moutarde - Raise Žem All

For some reason, Celtic music and Punk rock go hand in hand like a good hamburger and fries, like strawberries and cream or spaghetti and tomato sauce.

Food metaphors aside, the thing that these popular food combos have in common is that they simply fit well together, naturally. In much the same way, the energy and exuberance of Punk rock create a very tasty treat for the music fans when mixed together with detailed folk melodies and instruments.

Hailing from Quebec, Irish Moutarde set out to achieve a great balance between the two genres in what they call "Punk rock Celtique" - (it just sounds much nicer in French!). The 7-piece line up is all about blending fat electric guitar sound with traditional instrument, in order to achieve a high-energy and direct blend of sound that will sweep you off your feet.

The group actually started out as a tribute band, performing songs by groups such as Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s, some of the hottest Irish punk bands out there - but it didn't take long before they felt the creative pulse of creating their own material, immediately sparking worldwide interest through their debut single "The Bear and the Maiden Fair", launched online back in 2012.

The band's debut full-length album, Raise 'Em All managed to strike even harder a year later (2013), prompting a really massive positive response from audiences and critics alike.

At the beginning of this article, we found ourselves quite unsure about why Celtic music and Punk rock fit so well together. Well, now that we think about it, it’s quite obvious. Both genres are absolutely visceral: you have to feel them in your guts. Punk rock is all about instinct and attitude and Celtic music is practically the same, without the loud Marshall stacks! Both genres are responsible for a huge release: this is music to get together to and to truly enjoy in a live setting, where you truly get the most out of it!

5 Stars from Celtic Radio!

Raise 'Em All

5.0 Stars!

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Track List
1. The Black Mill
2. Farewell to Drunkenness
3. The Cabin
4. I Heard Jesus Was
5. Glasses to the Sky
6. Olaf
7. LLL
8. D.O.E.
9. The Fields of Athenry
10. The Bear and the Maiden Fair
11. The Wearing of the Green
12. A Lad and a Hag


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