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Barleyjuice releases new CD!

Hailing from the United States, Barleyjuice are among the most eclectic and innovative artists to grace the international Celtic music scene.

Eclectic? Innovative? This music has been going on for years! You might say that, but perhaps you're missing the point of what innovation really means. Being an original artist doesn't necessarily mean to come up with music that nobody has ever heard before. On the contrary, true innovation is about making the best out of your experiences and turn them into something new and fresh.

Being based in the United States, the musicians in Barleyjuice have arguably been exposed to a wide variety of musical influences throughout their lives. The thing that we love about this group is that in spite of the fact that they have "chosen the Celtic path", their music still screams and echoes back at influences as diverse as 70s rock and 60s neo-folk revival. Their brand new album “this is why we can’t have nice things” it’s a snapshot of their kaleidoscopic creativity.

Everything is glued-in together by way of a snappy and modern production, the kind of production you might find on a legendary rock album. In fact, songs like “whiskey for Christmas” slightly reminded us of the best Bob Dylan or Oasis moments; while other songs on the record (for example Whelan’s Barroom) dive into the Irish folk tradition.

Ironically, the unpolished look and immediacy of this type of production highlights the organic feel of the Celtic elements of the Band.

We can imagine that this band could be a great starting point for those listeners who are new to Celtic music and that are slowly creeping into it by way of rock and roll and singer-songwriter music, just like what happened too many of us when we were younger.

This band is great for those who love Celtic music, but aren’t purists, and appreciate when an artist can offer a personal and refreshing point of view.

“This is why we can’t have nice things” ads to the long streak of successful albums released by Barleyjuice. And when you look at every album they have created, it is apparent that they put their heart and soul into each production. We hope that you will add it to your music collection, as we have, to complete your ultimate Barleyjuice collection!

5 Stars to Barleyjuice’s latest album, “this is why we can’t have nice things.” Rock on!

This Is Why We Cant Have Nice Things

5.0 Stars!

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Track List
1. St. Patrick's Day
2. Three Sheets To The Wind I
3. Three Sheets To The Wind II
4. Whiskey & Weed
5. Longest Night Of The Year
6. Catholic Guilt
7. Whelan's Barroom
8. Lost On A Foggy Afternoon
9. Whiskey For Christmas
10. Parish Jig
11. Little O'Belle et Bonne
12. Sweet Young Thing

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