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  Member Journals are a benefit of Celtic Radio membership. They extend and personalize your online persona by allowing you to express your "personality" through the day to day events that effect your life. Journals can also be used to write stories or develop your online fictional character! Visit this Journal directory to browse the most recent entries!

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Date Member Journal Poster Title Views Comments
24-Jun-23   CelticRadio   CelticRadio   Music on Profile   202615   0
22-Mar-22   PaleStreak   PaleStreak   Dirty Old Town   2197   0
06-Aug-21   PaleStreak   PaleStreak   Marine Corps Hymn by bagpipe!   2197   0
24-Jun-19   Rehan46393   Rehan46393   Irish Tartan Kilt   3459   0
23-Jul-18   hamzasiddique   hamzasiddique   Colin Kyo Bagpipes   2529   0
15-Feb-16   Shoshannabeth   Shoshannabeth   Exiled Reign   3669   0
23-Jan-16   Piebald   CelticRadio   New Music   6153   0
23-Jan-16   Piebald   Piebald   Lovin State of Mind   6153   1
21-Oct-15   Shadows   Shadows   I agree   130639   0
13-Oct-15   Piebald   Piebald   The Old Knotty Pine   6153   0
12-Sep-15   MightyMick   CelticRadio   Wonderful   2535   0
26-Aug-15   MightyMick   MightyMick   First day of membership   2535   1
19-Apr-15   Shadows   CelticRadio   Too much work!   130639   0
19-Apr-15   Shadows   Shadows   7 Grand kids !   130639   2
18-Apr-15   CelticRadio   CelticRadio   Spring Time is here!   202615   0
16-Apr-15   Adrian22   CelticRadio   Beautiful!   3057   0
23-Nov-14   Adrian22   Adrian22   "Souling" Songs from Allison Crowe   3057   1
11-Oct-14   Anora   Anora   Glad I found this place.   1901   0
17-Aug-14   RosebudV   CelticRadio   Wow!   6830   0
11-Aug-14   RosebudV   RosebudV   Best radio streaming station EVER!!!   6830   0
25-Jul-14   Collinmacwade   Collinmacwade   Exciting news   2072   0
07-Mar-14   Shadows   Shadows   Well he is one week old   130639   0
02-Mar-14   maddogmikk   maddogmikk   its been a while   14861   0
25-Dec-13   feathervine   feathervine   Facing family was not that bad.   5125   0
25-Dec-13   feathervine   feathervine   Moments later...   5125   0

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