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LilysApple's profile

Username LilysApple
Joined May 22, 2005
Group Celtic Nation
Interests Hi there :O)

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I think I'm a kind hearted person, non judgmental and I look for the same in my friends. I'll do almost any thing for a friend in need. I have a weak spot for animals, seems I'm always dragging home strays and misfits of one kind or another. My other favorite web group is Care2.com ( yes, yes I'm a tree hugger, what of it?) lol If your interested in helping us save what's left of our planet and Animals (domestic and wild) in desperate need check it out, it's FREE and fun. And you'll feel a real sense of accomplishment knowing YOU helped get a law passed to protect land or spices that would other wise be destroyed or neglected. I've meet some wonderful caring people on Care2.com. And am proud to be a member.

I consider myself to be very laid back I hate drama and stress and avoid it whenever possible. But I'll admit I have a nasty temper when I see cruelty or injustice being inflicted on the helpless. My main sources of enjoyment are the Arts I love poetry, Art of any kind and most of all music. Music has the power to take me from one place to the other, you can pretty much judge what kind of mood I'm in by what I'm listening to. I love all music but Moody Blues, Irish traditional and Celtic Harp are by far my favorites. I'm fairly artistic and need some outlet for my creativity or I feel unfulfilled and restless so you'll notice if you visit my space regularly it's bound to change pretty often. I've found My Space to be a great place to vent my artistic frustrations on the world. (poor world)

I also love photography mainly nature n still life. As I mentioned earlier music is a passion of mine it combines two of my favorite things poetry and melody, too many people hear the music but not the words I lose myself in both. I also enjoy the www immensely, with it you can go anywhere and talk to anyone, how friggen great is that? I've met true life long friends on the www and wouldn't trade them for anything. Of course you always run across the occasional wanker but all in all it's been a real pleasure surfing and chatting on here. I wish everyone could have a great a time as I've had, I've heard some real horror stories. I guess I've just been really lucky.. I do have a big problem with people using the term "real life" when there talking about there online experiences. Were all real. Real people with real feelings, lives, real joys and real sorrows. Some say because you can't see the ones your talking to makes them less real. Does that mean a blind person can never meet any real people because they can't see them?? I think those that think or say that it's not real are the ones who are afraid or don't want to take the time to really connect to others so they patronize those of us who can and do. If that's case they should go crawl in a box and save us the aggravation of putting up with them. I will admit some live a false life on line but that doesn't mean we all do, it doesn't make us less "real". So the next time your talking out of your ass or just being a jerk in general and think it doesn't matter because your only "online", thank again.

I've been a single Mom now for 16 years happily I mite add, to my daughter Airel, She's the air I breath and the stars in my sky, Just when I think I can't go on, she gives me hope, Just when I think I can't cope she gives me reason, Just when I think I can't love her more than I already do, she lifts my heart up to new heights. For this I thank God every day to have been blessed with such and extraordinary child. I've done my best to raise her to be the best person she can be passionate, compassionate, gentle, kind and above all honest and loving to others. I think I've accomplished what I've set out to do.:O)

I'm fascinated with all things English and Irish from History to Art to Music and Poetry. It's a dream of mine to go spend a few years just wondering around Europe but as of yet my finances don't permit. With any luck I'll be able to go before I get too decrepit. lol Wish me luck. And if I ever make it to Ireland I'll never come back. lol I've always tried to follow what's going on Overseas. I have great respect for those who have fought to preserve and regain Ireland's freedom and heritage now and in years gone by. I try to not get political about in on My Space tho. I guess you could call me a quiet rebel of sorts. Make of that what you will. But make no mistake I do believe in an unoccupied Ireland. I believe all countries should respect each others borders. No country has the rite to impose there ideals on another no matter how wrong they may seem. I've heard the Irish called terrorists on many occasions for there fight against England and I believe everyone is entitled to there own opinions but before you call the Irish terrorists ask yourself this. What would YOU do in there place? What would YOU do if a much larger and powerful country moved in on you and tried to dictate the futures of yourself and your children's children? You'd do the same as I, you'd fight tooth and nail to preserve your way of life and to not live under an other's rule.
Home page http:// http://www.myspace.com/lilysapple

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