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Broadcast Weight: 66%
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Album Acoustic Mixes (10-Track Acoustic Re-Mix) Rating
Year 2023 Rated
Requests 8 Performs
Genre Celtic



CALLED HOME words/music by Ethan Taylor Sellers Oh Billy, I hear your father calling you Across the field and through the gloam It's getting cold tonight and soon the wind will blow Your dinner waits for you, it's time to come back home. Oh Billy, I hear your momma calling you Your fields are plowed, your seeds are sown Your labor's fruits revealed when harvest moon has shown But now the fields are dark and it's time to come back home. The soil you've tilled is rich, the streams run clear The crops you've sown today increase from year to year Just as certain as the sunrise fills the land with life and light So too, we all must take our rest in the stillness of the night. Oh Billy, I hear your sister calling you And it's time you should be going From inside the house, I can see a candle glowing Rest easy, Billy dear, it's your time to come home. I'll listen for your voice, when it's my time to come home.

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