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Writing all types of works including but not limited to prose fiction, screenplays, and poetry. I am also passionate about writing, listening to, playing, and recording all types of music. I have an acoustic guitar and am currently in the process of building a modest home studio combining both analog and digital tools.

I am also passionate on discussing film, literature, music, good TV, and various facets of geek culture. I'm an avid Star Wars fan and also into various comedies, fantasy, historic, and adventure/action movies. I used to have many more comic books back in the day, but I still love reading them--even though we now refer to them as "graphic novels".

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Posted by Haldur on Jul 29th, 2005 6:54 PM
was unable to reformat my PC because it said the hard drive was locked (?) whatever. windows, i figure.

so I removed service pack 2 (whatever purpose it ever served I'm not sure) and was able to successfully install Fruity Loops 4!!! I was so excited, but tired at the time, didn't really get a chance to celebrate. got a book at B&N on piano and guitar chords. plan on putting that to good use for some of my recordings that I plan on doing. currently working on a bunch of different projects:

1) The Broken Theory - project with Anthony Perry consisting of hard rock and synthesized beats courtesy of Fruity Loops, still going on, two new songs and going

2) Project X - project with Anthony Creech (Aaediwen) which has gotten a recent start in the form of Honore Mon Enfant, not really able to work on it much anymore due to being on 3rd shift

3) Sarah's work - project with my wife, Sarah, that has had a little bit of work (mostly on her part) but needs to be fleshed out and recorded

4) Solo work - my own solo work, been on hold for a little bit due to being busy writing other stuff, been given a kickstart by yours truly due to the fact that I now have Fruity Loops 4!

All of these projects will benefit in some way by my purchasing of a good mixer and a mic (or mic's)...I have my car paid off so that'll be extra money. Plus, I donate plasma pretty regularly and that will provide some good capital for my studio!

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Posted by Haldur on Jul 27th, 2005 9:23 PM
sitting here at work, working some OT in the wake of a big rain storm that hit India. fun, fun...but i really can't complain. i truly like nightshift; it seems to suit me, for now anyways. i'm learning a lot and not doing too bad emotionally/stresswise. dayshift seems like a far-off Hell that I've left; night shift, on the other hand, is quite peaceful, laid back and so much slower businesswise than days.

so far, i've racked up 20 hours of OT, which will go on the next check. i figure that i can actually get started on my home recording studio after doing some shopping around a bit. ive found some cool items on musician'sfriend.com but i'm not for sure how I could go about paying for them. perhaps money order?

i can't wait to get this home studio thing off the ground...i figure without S&H it will run me roughly $140 for a Behringer mixer and 3 Behringer microphones. i'll need to get some cables (at least 3, maybe a couple more for backups) and a few mic stands too, which i can get at a local music store or somewhere.

also, gonna have to reformat my PC here soon. gotta purchase some good CD-RW's to backup all my mp3's, docs, and stuff with. probably run me about ten bucks, maybe a bit more. thinking about getting cable internet or something other than AOL (AOHell) which is giving me the willies. i had a couple files disappear and some quirky things happening on my PC; but, again, i made the big mistake of editing the registry.

i'll never do that again...ever.

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heyas from nightshift
Posted by Haldur on Jul 23rd, 2005 7:10 PM
yes, i'm here...barely...just sitting around doing a whole lotta nothing. which is nice!

been working on some short stories; got two first-drafts and working on getting those semi-edited to some degree. i've also been surfing the internet A LOT here at work because it's quite slow on weekends. i don't think i've read all of the internet yet but i am getting close. hehe

feeling kinda hungry right now. might have to go to the back and get some chips.


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heyas journal!
Posted by Haldur on Jul 16th, 2005 7:49 PM
heyas once again...some updates...

getting geared up for the night shift (lord help me) as this coming week will be my last week of training during the days...then i'll go to nights, be totally confused for the better part of six months, and come back to day shift. i figure this, i will have tried it, seen how it is and if i can handle it, and make some extra money in the process!

never hurts!

the writing class the other night was lotsa fun! had a blast...talked about horror writers and writing in general really. even got to share some of my own work (as did everyone else) as we participated in some wild writing courtesy of the instructor's writing prompts...haven't really done nothing like that since college Writing I!

it was a blast!

having a great weekend...lost in oblivion, i suppose. cheerio, for now!

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long time no journal entry!
Posted by Haldur on Jul 10th, 2005 9:45 PM
forgive me, journal, for i have sinned. it's been nearly three months since my last entry...okay, here it goes.

been fairly busy lately, training for the whole third shift deal for work. i figure it will be more pay, despite the sleep depravation and whatnot. i might also find more time for writing, drawing, etc. but not for certain. just gotta get over all this training and really hit the floor. been working on lots of music lately, writing lyrics and all...having a grand time. anyways, better get to bed, it's late and i've gotta wakey wakey eggs and bakey by 7:15 in the AM. off to bed i go, to the sack i hit, you get the picture.

journal, forgive me for what i've become.

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