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Symm Posted on: 05-Oct-2015, 08:32 PM

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will they ever
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Symm Posted on: 05-Oct-2015, 08:30 PM

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Congrats on the successful server setup. I would suggest if you haven't already, to keep a "vanilla" copy of that image somewhere safe. Just in case, and if you haven't already as part of those 3 layers you mention.

As for the cross. Yeah I kind of thought it might be pewter. Feels like plastic, sounds like a metal when tinked against something.

As for pouring, I don't have the skills or materials/equipment to pour molten metal yet.

I have done some work with a hammer and torch though before as a kid. My mother was being taught by a licensed goldsmith how to work with precious metals, and I got a crash course on it as well. Made my own roman hammer fledged ring, and helped with making a few Torque bracelets. Haven't made a cross yet, but I don't think it would be much more difficult than what has already been done before.

That being said, when looking to make something with extreme detail and hard to create details at that, pouring is much more efficient compared to hand working it all out.

I intend to get my own smithy setup here in the next few years though. When that happens, I may start learning how to make lost wax molds for stuff like that.

Barring that, 2 hands, a hammer, a torch and pliers is all that is really needed to make most small silver trinkets in my personal opinion.

Pouring is more accurate though. I can't deny that.
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Symm Posted on: 01-Oct-2015, 02:11 PM

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Not sure on the exact dates of arrival yet. If I were to guess though, I would say they move over close to the beginning of British occupation of Lower Canada (maritimes, ontario and quebec area). They came to Canada through Nova Scotia from Glasgow for my mothers side from what I understand. These were Irish Paiselys, Scottish Reids of the Robertson Clan and Crawford. If anyone has access to old immigration books from Glasgow, I would like to see them. Chances are my kin were on those boats. They pretty much all moved straight to the Rocky Mountains in BC and Alberta.<br /><br />My fathers side, MacKay and later on closer to now, some Ukrainian last name I don't know who was my Baba. Aside from the Ukrainian, my fathers side very likely came from either Tongue or Inverness from what I understand. My grandmother on my mothers side says that Inverness sounds more correct. I'd like to think this is correct. But until I can get more reliable info, that's all I have to go on. My father ended up in Alberta as well when him and my mother met. However they were over closer to the Laurentian mountains for a while as I understand before moving to Alberta.<br /><br />If I were to put a guesstimate on the year they came over, I would say my mothers side has been here, trickling in since before the 1800's. My fathers side as well, but likely later than my mothers was, as my Grandmother on my mothers side claims that her side has been here longer if I remember correctly.
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Symm Posted on: 01-Oct-2015, 01:52 PM

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Given the world economy right now, Scotland probably made the right choice by refusing Independence.

For right now at least. It just doesn't seem like something that would be a wise idea right now, for any country. Quebec is a perfect example for Canada.


And I want to say that Teton is wrong about stabbing each other in the back...

But as a MacKay learning about his families sordid history of political backstabbing.

I have a hard time saying much.
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Symm Posted on: 26-Sep-2015, 09:51 PM

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QUOTE (CelticRadio @ 17-Sep-2015, 08:42 PM)
Thank you Montie! Be sure to take advantage of the welcome gift that is now available when you start a new subscription. It's just kind of a thank you from us for joining the club. Family history and research can be exciting and draining at the same time. But we promise you that if you listen to Highlander Radio you will gain inspiration and focus by hearing the music of our ancestors in song and lyrics. It really does help! Sometimes the music helps us work faster, more focused and smarter. Celtic Music truly does make you more aware and healthy!

The Cross is a nice design, but I was hoping it was real sterling silver like it shows in the photo. What I got is more akin to silver coloured plastic. <br /><br />The bumper sticker is nice though. I will just use this plastic piece to make myself a wax mold and pour my own silver cross.<br /><br />Isn't the first time I have worked with silver.
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Symm Posted on: 26-Sep-2015, 07:29 PM

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<a href="http://www.omniglot.com/writing/gaelic.htm">http://www.omniglot.com/writing/gaelic.htm</a><br /><br />I am reading this site right now, and I figured you all would possibly like to read it too.<br /><br />Lots of info on that page.<br /><br />
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Symm Posted on: 12-Sep-2015, 09:38 AM

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QUOTE (CelticRadio @ 12-Sep-2015, 10:01 AM)
It is great reading about all of the work you have done researching your family roots. I think it provides a good example of what you can accomplish in piecing together your own personal history. Thanks so much for posting it, I enjoyed reading it. I do believe their are some strong MacKay connections in Scotland. I received an email a few years back from the father of the junior world champion highland dancer whose last name was MacKay. May not have been spelt the same way, but I do think it is from the same clan. My one suggestion about family research online is if you find a webpage about your history and pictures be sure to save the information on your computer. A lot of times people will let a personal website lapse and then that great information is gone. I keep a folder and just save the pages as word documents for future reference. Again Symm thanks for posting this interesting family history!
Thank you again, and that last part about webpages is sooooo true.<br /><br />I have already come across so many dated and sadly sometimes missing pages that are still linked to through many sites. Even here I think if I am remembering correctly. You are right that a person should be keeping it all saved in a way that doesn't require the internet. Currently I am working on a Linux setup that should be able to handle running 24/7 and store that data safely and on auto backup as I find it. But actual written out links would be a good idea too, and printed pages. <br /><br />A folder is great, but so easily lost if a computer fails and you aren't vigilant enough with back ups. If you are going to use that method, I recommend you keep a daily, if not weekly backup on a USB stick or otherwise. Losing data sucks. For me, running a 10watt/hr linux setup is good enough for this as long as it can keep a net connection of some sort. Raspberry pi's are awesome. But rather limited in some ways. But if you don't mind the cost, which is rather small.... it's awesome. I suggest you give it a shot, and anyone else reading as well. Just be sure to get the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, with Noobs Raspbian OS included. Some of you might not need it, but it sure is handy for those who do.<br /><br /><br /><br />--------------------<br />
<div class="signature">~Love and Peace~<br /><br />~Sy Moireibh MacAoidh~<br /><br /><br />,,,,..... Greedo shot first.</div>
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Symm Posted on: 31-Aug-2015, 09:50 PM

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I am going to leave this here as well, for anyone reading, and not in direct reply to anyone in particular.<br /><br />I think that is all i am going ot have to share on family connections for now. After thinking about it, i think i have figured out the surnames and maiden names of my most direct members. Of course the ancient, possible connections are just those. Ancient, and thus, possibly wrong. But it's nice to think about. <br /><br />If anyone has any pictures of Really old long past deceasd MacKays from back in the day, before the world wars. Like old pictures of old paintings. I would love to see them. I have always wondered if i resembeled anyone. Would be neat to see/find out.<br /><br />
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Symm Posted on: 31-Aug-2015, 08:44 PM

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Thanks for the reply there Haynes9, and i do enjoy it here. It has thus far been a nice place to figure out things while i learn more about the family roots. <br /><br />Speaking of which, and I typically don't mention this, because it is such a weak connection, possibly on both sides of the family, but seeing as how you, of all kinds and types of people replied, i might as well shed light on it as well. Especially considering the topic. <br /><br />Somewhere in my grandmothers line i have a native grandmother. Canadian native. Not quite sure which group to be completely honest, and because of how life and death works, i may never find out. As i understand from what my mother knows, if i remember correctly, she was my great, great, great grandmother, maybe my mother's GGG grandmother. So, all direct relatives are definitely not with us anymore. <br /><br />Alberta region is all i have to go on really, as apparently my mothers side came straight across to Alberta as fast as possible. As such, the likely hood of her being from Alberta is quite high. She could possibly be from BC/Yukon/NWT/Sask, since the are bordering neighbors. Maybe even from somewhere else entirely, but likely Alberta. (My mother side of the family has this huge hard on for Alberta. It's kind of hilarious. The ones who don't live in Alberta, take off to BC, or sometimes like my mom did, Sask. Turns out i have a bunch of rich relatives i never knew anything about in BC.) <br /><br />Funnily enough, while on this topic. You are in Arizona huh? I cannot be completely sure, but i think there is a major river going practically straight down through the Rockies into Arizona territory. I mention this, because even odder, is the place i want to move to in BC eventually, is situated right near the tip of that river in BC. If anyone ever wants to find me in the real world someday in about 10 years. Go look near Celtic peak, BC. Was originally looking at a place closer to Mt.Thompson, but then i noticed Celtic peak. Thinking of maybe making a new trail in BC. But that's another discussion. <br /><br />Here is a link to google maps. https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Celtic+Pea...ffa89222456a2b7 It should show Celtic peak, and that large river to the south of it is the one i speak of. Go ahead and peruse that river. Might take a bit of portaging in a couple spots, but otherwise, it goes straight down to U.S.A.<br /><br />So i guess in an odd way, Howdy future river neighbor. (I am not kidding. I checked google maps for this river. It goes pretty far down into the states.) A person could possibly use it to travel into the states, though border control probably wouldn't like it that much without the proper procedures being followed. <br /><br />Anyways, thanks again for the welcome, and last but not least. Because of that native blood (according to my mother), I tan, where others would burn. But the connection must be getting weak, because not all my siblings have the same trait. My mom theorizes that there might be some native influence from my dads side too, seeing as how other than my sister of the same father who tans just the same, the other 3 siblings of 2 other fathers do not. (I mentioned this family was spread out, right) <br /><br />So, there might even be a native connection from my dads side. His line landed in Nova scotia from what i understand, If there is any native in the family from his side, it came from there i am pretty certain.<br /><br />Anyways,<br /><br />~~Love and Peace~~<br /><br />Sy Moireibh MacAoidh
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Symm Posted on: 30-Aug-2015, 12:46 PM

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QUOTE (CelticRadio @ 25-Aug-2015, 10:03 PM)
Welcome Symm! So nice to read about all of your family history. You might be interested in an article we did about the Crawford Family from Crawford Notch in NH. We visit the site often in our travels to the north country. http://www.celticradio.net/php/news.php?item=1017 We SOOO appreciate those that signed up for a Celtic Radio Founder's account. This site would not run without founder's support simply as that. Everything including the website, broadcasts, music, etc. all need financial support which our founder's provide. And you don't necessary need to be a founder forever, we appreciate even 1 month or 1 year. There are plenty of people that listen. What you get are songs that you just may not hear anywhere else. A bunch of friendly people to chat with and something to do late at night when you can not sleep. So thank you for joining and being a part of Celtic Radio. Much appreciated!
<br /><br />Thank you kindly, and thanks for the link. I will be keeping it with the rest. Just talked to my grandmother on my mothers side recently. Learned a few things that have helped straighten out a few things.<br /><br />For anyone else reading interested doesn't mind reading me go on more about what i have been learning, keep reading. Otherwise i understand if you don't want to read that much text. I write a lot. Sorry in advance.<br /><br />So, first off, i will get into the Paisely roots a bit. Found out some info on that, and the Crawford link as well. MacKays are still a stand still, but since i found out that my link goes back to possibly ancient Moray and even the far north area of i think... Tongue?... (There is a castle near by.) I have decided to start using my writers signature with some changes to it. You can see it at the bottom. Feel free to comment on it. I will be using it from now on as a sig. Personally, i like it. It emphasises the family history i think. I just don't want to seem... is pretentious the right word? Either way, it's what i imagine what my name would be if it weren't all Anglicized. Sy is just initials for my first and middle name. I am sure some of you can figure out the rest. Those who want further explanation, feel free to ask.<br /><br />My great-grandmother on my mothers side is a paisely. That's the Irish influence. Otherwise, we are Reids from my great grandfather, my G.Grandmothers husband, and Crawfords from my grandmothers first husband, who fathered my mother. Apparently he is a bit of a pariah in the family. So even mentioning him here is a kind of a no-no... But as i explained to grandma, when it comes to family tree's, blood is blood, regardless of how much a despicable person they are.<br /><br />So there it is. That's my mothers side. Still not quite sure where Lougheed comes from, but it's in there as well. There are many steps in the family as well, so it could be from there. Gold/Martin are as well, from my grandmothers days. As one could suspect, the family is kind of a mosaic. If i were to branch out all the half blood or lesser branches, it would be a wide spread web. <br /><br />Mackay all being from my fathers side, is Scottish. <br /><br />Oh, and according to my Grandmother, Her side of the Reid family came from Glasgow if i understood her properly. The phone connection was kind of bad.<br /><br />But as for MacKay, when i asked her about that, as she remembers some things my mother doesn't, Inverness sounds about right she said. Maybe further north. She told me that if i wanted to figure out that long branch of chaos, that i would need to talk to more immediate mackay family members that can be found/contacted.<br /><br />I got a few first names too. For both sides. One though, we can't be sure on, because of how Ukranians were back in the day about names....Culture things...Not quite sure on the facts about it, but apparently Olga is more preferable than something Gypsy sounding like Aurora or Aura. <br /><br />But anyways. Thanks for the replies, and as i learn more i will share it, both for others possible benefit, and my own of course. If anyone reading this thinks there might be a possible link between us, feel free to drop me a line. I would love to figure it out. <br /><br />~Love and Peace~<br /><br />Sy Moireibh MacAoidh.<br /><br />
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Symm Posted on: 29-Aug-2015, 09:29 PM

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<span style="font-family: georgia,palatino;">Fate is a mighty river.<br /><br />Its paths are many, as are its desitinations too.<br /><br />Where you end up, depends on you.<br /><br />So do not gouge out your eyes, or give up your paddle.<br /><br />This mighty stream is not one to blindly or idly travel. <br /><br />~~<br /><br />Sy Moireibh MacAoidh</span>
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Symm Posted on: 29-Aug-2015, 09:19 PM

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Well, I was reading mine, Rowan, and let me tell you this.

Reading this paragraph:

In general, Rowan individuals are basically idealistic and progressive thinkers possessed of visionary minds, coupled with strong humanitarian and spiritual principles. They thrive on change, becoming impatient with convention or restriction. Artistic, original and unconventional, Rowan people can appear to others as detached and aloof for they are self-contained individuals and their vision is not necessarily always shared by the rest of humanity. Their cool temperament disguises many passionate beliefs and the need is always present for these individuals to argue their case against bigotry and ignorance. If Rowans are unable to find an outlet for their powerful imagination, they easily become restless and quarrelsome. Being true individuals who hate conformity, Rowans are natural born leaders but, because they often adopt unpopular causes, sometimes have very few followers. They are kind and thoughful people but have problems in following others, which can lead to serious authority issues. Rowan people make for excellent listeners and are very respectful of others' opinions. Since they are somewhat unconventional characters in their approach to life, however, they have a tendency to be a little tactless and may alienate people. Rowans are also liable to antagonize through debate and escalate a situation out of proportion. In terms of a career, the Rowan individual is naturally drawn toward modern technology and possesses an overwhelming desire to reorganize and improve on anything which might be outdated.


Was like reading about me almost exactly.

Just figured i would share that, and this. I would say it is about 90% accurate in my case. The bit about a cool nature, is a bit off. I am a bit more hot headed with certain individuals, but otherwise i would call it 75% accurate on being cool natured.

Like everyone else here, it is just a fun thing to think about, but then again for me, i have always been occult focused since I was a wee lad. One could say we put out a Christian impression, but were more paganistic in reality growing up. Chivalry was a real thing in the household, and you can bet that i read about Arturian legends. The dark ages were just that, shaded from our historical eyes. Who knows what we knew then that we don't know now.

So i don't believe in everything i read, and i don't think there is a GOD, but there definitely is life out there older than us, and i do think there is a bit more at play in the universe than just the laws of physics, quantum physics, and whatever else that we manage to figure out in the near future.

Anyways. Celtic Zodiac might not be real, but mine pretty much hits me right on the head.

~Love and Peace~

Sy Moireibh MacAoidh : Symm
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Symm Posted on: 18-Aug-2015, 03:17 PM

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QUOTE (munchkin5450 @ 17-Aug-2015, 08:11 AM)
Love the humor, Symm......just remember that not all redheads are "natural" redheads! In fact, I'd venture to say most so don't shy away.. tongue.gif


Truth be told Symm once you start digging your find out just small the world is. I remember when I was young and dating, my mother and grandmother would warn me about all of the family gene pool that I had to watch out for. Distance cousin who I might end up dating or meeting. (this happened after I came home as freshman and announced my first crush, only to find out she was a cousin!)
I remember as kids all the stories our parents, especially my father would tell of our family and it's descendants. My cousin is Warren Austin who was a famous Statesman and the First US Ambassador to the UN. I have another relative who is supposed to be a famous General from the Civil War and of course there is always the alleged ties to Capt. James Lawrence of the "don't give up the ship" fame.
My father(the Irish side) and his family is from New England and New York and now live in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, California, Arizona. My mother's Scotch/Irish are mainly New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
So yes opportunity abounds for connections that you are unaware of!!

Thanks. Well, sad to say, but I might have to forgo a local redhead, because i just found out that there might be a relation..... Somewhere along the line i might be related to Sellar's. Dammit.

Not quite sure how though. Gonna have to actually start taking notes. Up till now i have just been reading and memorizing. After some of the recent discoveries though...

Might be time to get a few binders.

As for relations in general, not just dating wise.

I am finding out i have some family.... that is extraordinarily famous. Unless what i read is mistaken.

I am willing to share, but i need to get some parts straight first. Also, you need to promise not to call me crazy, because one that i came across makes me even wonder if i would be crazy for checking out the details at all.

We all have rather famous family members somewhere in the world, at some time in the world i would suspect. But what i came across, if true, trounces the more recent family members i came across in the history books.

The short list of famous people so far is this.

William Wallace Via Crawford blood.

MacBeth. (The very same.) Somewhere in with the MacKays and Reids/robertsons i think, without double checking.

St. Margaret and possibly St. Martin as well.

Peter Lougheed (More recent in history, was premier of Alberta in Canada.)

And 2 others, which if you want to know, i will share, but i don't actively mention it, as there is no way to prove it for sure... and quite frankly, it's kind of a big one to swallow in comparison to Great Grandpas Willy and MacBeth.

Quite frankly, after coming across this one, i wouldn't be surprised if i am directly related to the Queen herself.... And not in the same way that most British can claim a small relation. Seriously. This is getting creepy.

Oh, and before i forget, My mom also has relations to Paisleys.
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Symm Posted on: 16-Aug-2015, 01:09 PM

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Merry met, and i hope to see replies from people who might be able to help piece together this crazy puzzle of mine. I have already seen a few comments from Reids of the Robertson clan on this section of the forum. To them i say hello right away, as we are likely related through my mothers side, being as the Reids are a sept of Robertson as i was told by my mother.

Her Father was a Crawford. So any crawfords out there?

On my mothers side are the last names:

Reid, Crawford, Lougheed (somehow...) and Gold/Martin via a step father. Some native in there from a few generations back as well. Maybe my native great granny was the lougheed influence...?

Middle names: My mother and my sisters carry the names Gayle, and Fay Anne in their respective allocations. Mom is Gayle. Fay anne is referring to an old aunt or someone on her side.

As for me, i get John from my mom's side.

Murray is a middle name i get from my fathers side as i understand, and MacKay is my fathers as well.

My fathers side has some Ukrainian influence from my grandmothers side.

My first name, Steven is also from my fathers side. My mother did mention that i was almost named a few other things, but gladly, she didn't get a chance. Maybe lucky...

Was almost named Archie or Arbuckle.

Anyways, i hope to hear from you all. Possible family the most of course, but all replies are welcome.

To help get the ball rolling on relations. Apparently Peter Lougheed of Alberta, (Yes the MP in Canadian Politics) Is an Uncle of mine, and the Town of Lougheed in Alberta is also directly namesaked for Lougheed as well as i understand. Again, still not sure why we are related directly to Lougheed, but there it is.
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Symm Posted on: 16-Aug-2015, 12:50 PM

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Hello McCoy. MacKay here. Figured i would say hi at the very least. I don't know about Sheenan, but McCoys are a sept of MacKay as i understand...

so merry met.
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Symm Posted on: 16-Aug-2015, 12:22 PM

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Thank you everyone for your replies. Sorry that i didn't get back to you all sooner. I just got a Raspberry Pi, and have been having fun with that.

It's up and running now, after ruining the Raspbian OS a couple times... Lol.

Used it last night to show my mother the radio.

A little neat info about me i guess i could share is that i am related to Reids, Robertsons via Reid, Crawfords via my mothers father being a crawford, and Lougheed as well, i think because of my great grandmother. My father gives the MacKay branch, and some Ukrainian as well from his mothers side. There are also step relations on my mothers side to Gold, and Martin.

From my mothers side i get the middle name John for sure. Murray possible as well. My first and last name come from my fathers side i guess. Last for sure. But my first name was just chosen by my father. I have no idea as to any relation namesake wise. I have been told that it may have been my great grandfathers name on his side. But no one knows for sure, since we don't talk to my father much.

Which is why i am here. Genealogy. And music among other things, but Gene's brought me here first.

Anyways, don't feel rejected if i don't reply right away all the time. I work early morning shifts at 1am in the morning. If you are on at that time, drop me a line, and maybe i will see it. Internet is slow and capped, so i might not be on, but you are welcome to try. When i get home, i am typically sleeping, or busy. If neither, then you might find me here.

Anyways, i have been learning a lot. Both with the Raspberry Pi, and my family history.

Apparently for instance, McCoy's are a sept of MacKay. Given if this is true, then i would have had to have helped the McCoys or even fought against Hatfields down in the southern states.

Which brings to bear a question i would like answered, if anyone can shed light on it.

How far does family ties go? Or rather i should ask. Who the Hell am i NOT related too...?

Between all the family names that i am attached to via immediate family... It makes going out with a red head a risky business... and i like red heads....
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Symm Posted on: 09-Aug-2015, 08:15 PM

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Hello. Enjoyed the radio station, and then it wanted some membership fees. Figured i would give it a month. Probably just gonna pay for the year anyways.

How are the rest of you?
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