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> Uk To Usa Cooking Terms, measurements,ingredients, containers,etc
Posted: 20-Feb-2005, 09:33 AM
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Measurements (British, metric and US)

1 ounce flour = 25g = quarter cup
4 ounces flour = 125g = One cup
8 ounces flour = 250g = Two cups
2 ounces breadcrumbs (fresh) = 60g = One cup
4 ounces breadcrumbs (dry) = 125g = One cup
4 ounces oatmeal = 125g = One cup (scant)
5 ounces currants = 150g = One cup
4 ounces shredded suet = 125g = One cup (scant)
4 ounces butter and other fats, including cheese = 125g = One stick
8 ounces butter and other fats, including grated cheese = 250g = One cup
7 ounces caster/granulated sugar = 200g = One cup
8 ounces caster/granulated sugar = 250g = One and a quarter cups
8 ounces meat (chopped/minced/ground) = 250g = One cup
8 ounces cooked, mashed potatoes = 250g = One cup
One ounce (1oz) = One rounded tablespoon
One tablespoon of liquid = 3 teaspoons
One teaspoon liquid = 5ml
One British teaspoon is the same as an American teaspoon
One British tablespoon liquid = 17.7ml
One US tablespoon liquid =14.2ml
8 tablespoons = 4 fluid ounces = 125ml = Half cup
8 fluid ounces = 250ml = One cup (Half a US pint)
Half pint/10 fluid ounces = 300ml = One and a quarter cups (scant)
Three quarters of a pint/15 fluid ounces = 450 ml =Two cups (scant) or one US pint
One British pint/20 fluid ounces = 600ml = Two and a half cups


Bacon rashers = Bacon slices
Bannock = Flat round cake
Bicarbonate of soda = Baking soda
Biscuits = Crackers/cookies
Boiling fowl = Stewing fowl
Broad beans = Lima beans
Cake mixture = Cake batter
Castor sugar = Granulated sugar
Celery stick = Celery stalk
Chipolata sausages = Cocktail sausages
Cornflour = Cornstarch
Chips = French fried potatoes
Creamed potatoes = Mashed potatoes
Crisps = Potato chips
Demerara sugar = Light brown sugar
Dessicated coconut = Flaked coconut
Digestive biscuits = Graham crackers
Double cream = Whipping cream
Essence = Extract
Farls = Quarters
Fats = Shortening
Flaked almonds = Slivered almonds
Frosting sugar = Powdered sugar
Glacé = Candied
Golden syrup = Light corn syrup
Hough = Shank of beef
Icing = Frosting
Jam = Preserves
Mince/minced beef = Ground beef
Mixed spices = Allspice
Nut of butter = Pat of butter
Pinhead oatmeal = Irish oatmeal
Rasher = Slice
Ratafia biscuits = Almond flavoured cookies/dried macaroons
Roast Potatoes = Oven browned potatoes
Salt beef = Corned beef brisket
Scone = Shortcake, biscuit
Self raising flour = All-purpose flour with baking powder
Single cream = Light cream
Beef shin (gravy beef)= Also known as a shank, the cut of beef from the lower shin of a cow commonly used in stews and braises .
Soft brown sugar = Light brown sugar
Spring onion = Scallion/green onion
Stewing steak = Braising beef
Stoned raisins = Seedless raisins
Strong plain flour = Unbleached white flour
Sultanas = Seedless white raisins
Treacle = Molasses
Unsalted butter = Sweet butter
Wholemeal = Wholewheat

Utensils and Methods

Ashet = Meat dish
Baking sheet or tray = Cookie sheet
Case = pie shell
Fry = Pan Fry (with fat)
Frying pan = Skillet
Girdle = Griddle
Grate = Shred
Greaseproof paper = Vegetable parchment or waxed paper
Grill = Broil
Gut = Clean
Jelly bag = Layers of cheesecloth
Knead = Punch down
Knock Back = Punch down
Large pot = Dutch oven or a deep cooking utensil with a tight fitting lid
Liquidizer = Electric blender
Mince = Grind
Polythene = Plastic wrap
Prove = Rise
Pudding cloth = Cheesecloth
Roasting tin = Roasting pan with rack
Sandwich tins = Round-layer pans
Sieve = Sift
Stewpan or pan = Kettle
Tartlet tin = Muffin pan
Vegetable mill = Food mill
Whisk = Beat/whip

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Posted: 21-Feb-2005, 11:13 AM
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Here is another list I found on the web, has some terms the other does not:

British and U.S. Cooking Terms
British .... U.S.


aubergine .... eggplant
bangers .... sausage
beetroot .... beet
bilberry .... blueberry
biscuit .... cracker or cookie
broad bean .... fava bean
caster sugar .... superfine granulated
chips .... french-fried potatoes
cling film .... plastic wrap
collops .... meatballs
corn flour .... corn starch
cornish pasty .... meat turnover
courgette .... zucchini
cream, double .... heavy cream
cream, single .... light cream
crisps .... potato chips
dripping .... fat from roasted meat
finnan haddie .... smoked haddock
fish slice .... spatula
flour,.... maize cornmeal
flour, .... strong bread flour; hard-wheat flour
forcemeat .... stuffing mixture for meat or fish
french bean .... green bean
gammon .... ham
golden syrup .... substitute light corn syrup
groundnut .... peanut
hand of pork .... pork shoulder roast
heaped spoonful .... heaping spoonful
icing sugar .... confectioners' sugar
joint .... large cut of meat with bone; roast
marrow .... zucchini-like squash
mince (n.) .... ground meat
offal .... variety meats (liver, heart, kidney)
oxford sauce .... cumberland sauce
pie dish .... deep baking dish
pig's trotter .... pig's foot
pine kernels .... pine nuts
pips .... seeds
pluck (n.) .... heart, liver, and lights (lungs)
pudding .... dessert
sack .... sweet sherry
shandy .... beer with lemonade
silverside .... beefcut from the rump
stoned .... seeded
sultanas .... golden raisins
treacle .... molasses
tunny .... tuna
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Posted: 21-Feb-2005, 11:39 AM
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Shadows, as for me these lists are highly appreciated; they are more than helpful! smile.gif Thank you for posting.

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Posted: 05-Feb-2019, 08:49 AM
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vittles are don't foods ready!!
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