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Posted by: Elspeth 19-Aug-2004, 06:53 PM
We have new people joining us all the time (WELCOME) so I thought it might be nice if we all introduce ourselves and tell a bit about ourselves.

My name here on the site is Elspeth. I am a mother of four (13, 11, 9, 6) and am somewhere between 30-Something and senility. (depending on the day)

I have gone to church all my life, until I was 30 in the Church of the Brethren and for the last 10 years in a Presbyterian church.

I have been singing in church since I could toddle my way up front. I write plays for my current church.

Let's see, what else might people want to know. I have known Jesus and God all my life. A real cognizance of the Holy Spirit is more of a recent addition, found in times of trial.

I am closest to the voice of God in the outdoors.

A quick overview?.

Hello everyone, stand up and witness!! rolleyes.gif

Posted by: WizardofOwls 19-Aug-2004, 08:39 PM
Hi there!

I am Allen Alderman, aka WizardofOwls. I am 39, married and have an 11 year old daughter.

Though I was raised in church (Church of God), and have been going to a Pentecostal Holiness church for the past 12 years, I didn't actually commit myself to the Lord (ie get saved) until 2 and half years ago. I don't know why I waited so long. I think in my mind I thought just knowing God was enough, that I didn't really need to make the commit of saying the sinner's prayer and actually trying to live the life He has called me to live. I am so glad that I have Him now to guide and lead me. I can't imagine my life without Him.

I enjoy singing. I sing in church and at prayer meetings and most anytime I am alone. biggrin.gif

I feel closest to God when I am lifting my voice to Him in praise and worship. Sometimes when I am singing I forget that there is anyone else around but me and Him, and I just lose myself in His awesomeness.

I am also in the process of learning to play piano, and TRYING to teach myself to play tin whistle and Scottish Gaelic.

Posted by: CelticRose 19-Aug-2004, 09:50 PM
hello I am CelticRose aka Rose or Rosemary. I was born and raised Catholic until I was 25 and then I stepped away from God altogether. In the meantime I had studied many different religions trying to find what was truth for me. Then at age 27 I came to know Christ in a very special way. Now I am a protestant, attend a Christian church and can't tell you the countless times God has revealed Himself in my life and intervened as well. I worship a very awesome God! smile.gif

Posted by: dfilpus 20-Aug-2004, 08:45 AM
Hello. I am Dave Filpus, the Finnish Celt. I am 52, married with two boys in middle and high school.

I was baptised and confirmed in a small Lutheran church. I drifted away from the church in college, but did not lose my faith. We were married in the Roman Catholic Church and are raising our kids Catholic, but I have not converted. I attend mass regularly and Lutheran services rarely.

One of my passions with church is the music. Hymns are a big part of Lutheran services and everybody sings. For a long time, I've felt that Catholics do not know how to sing. Then, our parish dedicated a new church. The music was spectacular and even the congregation got into singing. Now, I feel that Catholics can sing, but they don't.

Posted by: cscunningham 21-Aug-2004, 08:55 AM
Hi All.

My name is Steve Cunningham I live in New Hampshire. I have been a member of the Hampstead Congregational Church for the past 10 years. Over the years I have served as the Chair of our Senior Pastoral Search Committee, Chair of the Board of Diaconate and currently serve on the Executive Committee. I have recently accepted the position of Chair of our Fund-Raising Committee, one of our first project will be putting on a Robert Burns Dinner this coming February.

My is the Chair of the Nominating Committee, we have two young adult daughters, both have chosen not to join the church. I pray that one day they will come back to the church.

I grow up in the New England Congregational Church. I enjoy the role we the members of the church play in the life of our church. Serving on the Pastoral search committee opened my eyes not into my own faith but to the greater church and the role we play in our community.

Well that about that.


Posted by: cori 21-Aug-2004, 09:32 AM
Hey! My name is Leslie. I live in NJ for ten years and love it. I am not currently a member of any church. Mine split last May, but we are working on starting fresh again.

I was saved at age 8 and actually remember all the circumstances surrounding my salvation. I was baptized in October of 1994 with my parents and grandparents present, which makes it a very special memory.

Right now, I am using the skills given to me to minister to a family from our "church" and enjoying it immensely. I didn't used to think serving God could be so rewarding, but I continue to learn that He is a God of joy.

I guess that's all.


Posted by: MacAibhistin 21-Aug-2004, 05:39 PM
Hi folks. I'm Rory in northern Canada (originally from New Scotland). I am a husband and father of a beautiful 3 yr old daugher named Mairead (pronounced like parade, except with an m). I have been a Christian all my life, raised in a very legalistic Pentecostal church, but now I attend a Church of Christ which I really enjoy. My faith is in a transition mode this past 10 years or so, as I have become less fundamentalist, and more rational in my thoughts on God and the Bible. Nonetheless, I believe Christ is a part of the trinity and He provides the real hope this world needs. Like Elspeth said, I too feel closest to God when I am outdoors in His creation.


Posted by: CelticRose 21-Aug-2004, 11:56 PM
Wow! Rory! This Selkie movie I have been watching has a Selkie girl named Maireaid. It is Irish for Pearl!

Posted by: MacAibhistin 22-Aug-2004, 09:53 PM
Yes! What a coincidence! Her full name is Mairead Elizabeth, it means " a pearl consecrated to God". What is the name of the movie you are watching?

Posted by: CelticRose 22-Aug-2004, 10:46 PM
Hi Rory! I am watching the Selkie movie called "The Seventh Stream." The guy who finds her in the movie names her Mairead...........what a very beautiful name you have given your daughter!

Posted by: MacAibhistin 23-Aug-2004, 10:51 PM
Thanks, Celtic Rose. It is a name that was used by my Scottish ancestors in the past, and since my wife and I liked it so much we thought we'd revive it. Where we now live here in northwestern Canada, most people have no knowledge of Gaelic, so a lot of the time when people ask her name we either have to explain it, or we just say "Maggie" - that's her nickname. But we mostly call her Mairead at home.

Posted by: CelticRose 24-Aug-2004, 04:03 PM
I know this is off topic Mac, but is Mairead a Scottish name then?

Posted by: celtic from cali 10-Nov-2004, 09:56 PM
well this is more of an introduction then reply. I'm sooo excited by the things I've discovered on this site! I am protestant all of my life researching somethings on catholicism as I am a relegious studies and art history major. I'm recently married with a child. I think it is so awesome that celticradio provides these forums for people to learn so much! I can't beleive how much there is in common with the people here! I actually am new at the responding and writing into anything on the computer, it's real nice. I hope to talk with some of you, but it looks like we're all on different times! Here is a chat getter - What do you fellow christians think of our election of Bush here in the USA - this is not to start a fight - I am genuinly interested to see how many people may share our election. Take care

Posted by: CelticRose 11-Nov-2004, 02:53 PM
Hi Celtic from Cali! so wonderful to have you here! I am from a Catholic background, but then turned protestant. There are many things I miss about my Catholic upbringing and through the years I have attended Mass as a result. Just feel the need to be there sometimes.

I was an art major in college and studied art history too! Absolutely love art history! We have things in common!

I am married with no children...........just two dogs who hubby and I make our children. I have been married 20 years.

Well I don't know how the other Christians voted, but I voted for Bush for many reasons and I felt he being a God fearing man whose religious beliefs were close to mine helped as well. I have not agreed with every decision Bush has made, but if you want to learn more about what we all think, there is a Politics On-line forum on this site that you might want to check out as the discussion would be off-topic in here. But you could start a new thread in there asking that question. Just a suggestion. wink.gif smile.gif

Hope you enjoy this site as much as I have. Hope you make many friends here too as I have too! Looking forward to getting to know you better! smile.gif

Posted by: Monarch's Own 11-Nov-2004, 07:51 PM
Hello - I am Amrita but everyone calls me Ami and I was raised in catholic village in Germany but as a lutheran.

I changed my believes and am now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) and even though I am inaktive right now I read the bible and the Book of Mormon very often for guidance.

I am married for the second time and have a 9 year old son out of my first marriage but his father pretty much doesn't care and my new husband is more of a father to my son than my exhusband ever was.

I worked as a paralegal in Germany and now I am housewife and mother and hopefully a good wife to my US Army Husband.

Posted by: CelticRose 12-Nov-2004, 05:51 PM
Hey Ami! Great to have you here. I hope you will find warmth and acceptance here on this site as I have and many others have. This is a great site. Feel free to share with us your spiritual walk as you feel led.

Posted by: gypseyreyne 16-Nov-2004, 07:30 PM
Greetings to all of you.

I am a single mother of five beautiful daughters.
My oldest is married and I have a granddaughter named Alphabet. She is a greyhound they adopted from the greyhound rescue people. My son-in-law's father is a pastor who performed a ceremony he had them write to each other.

My next child is also married. I have a grandson who was kidnapped by his father and secreted away until a court decided my daughter had abandoned him. I do not see him. He is my prince I wait for. I also have a grand daughter whom I do see. We are a tribe of women.

My youngset is living with her aunt far away. She was suffering from a very bad case of empty nest syndrome 1 week after her youngest left for Air Force. So Sam I Am moved in with her. She rescued me when I was pregnant and continues to do so.

Chance is a daughter I gifted friends with. She is their light.

Destanie is in these two statments. 13. Red hair.

Posted by: Shamalama 17-Nov-2004, 09:01 AM
My name is Mark. My bride and soul-mate of 11 years is Denise. This is the second marriage for both of us, and we're helping each other to heal many emotional scars.

- I have a 23-year-old daughter named Stephanie. She has a BA in English, and one day wants to be a teacher.
- I have a 21-year-old son named Stephen. He is a US Marine currently serving in Afghanistan.
- I have a 19-year-old daughter named Tiffanie. She is studying Early Childhood Education in college.

I was raised from birth in a southern Baptist church. Today I follow in my grandfather's and uncle's footsteps as a layman part-time Music Minister in my small interdenominational church. You can see us at (you can see my ugly mug, when I had a goofy beard and before I got contacts, at

I was "born" a Christian, but it's only been in the last 10 years that I have allowed the Holy Spirit to talk to me. It's still difficult to listen, sometimes, but I'm devoting a tiny bit more every day to following what God says to me and not what the world says to me.

The Holy Trinity is real. God exists. His Son, Jesus, walked the earth 2000 years ago. God's voice, the Holy Spirit, is alive today and is available to all that has ears to listen. Christianity is not a religion, nor just a philosophy - it's real. To deny any of the Trinity is to deny reality.

Posted by: Celtic cat 27-Apr-2005, 04:10 PM
Hi......seems I have been avoiding posting here. Not really sure what to say, but here goes. I was raised by two women, which didn't include church. Teachings in the home included being open minded and believing in what felt right in my heart. My grandparents came to visit from Wisconsin and I went to church with them on two occasions at the local Catholic church. However I didn't go on my own until my freshmen year in high school, a friend invited me. I love most of Catholisicm but the mass started to lose its meaning. Our new priest had been a monk and he seemed way too solemn. Consequently, I began searching, and got involved in a new fad called Christian Wicca. It is very earth based and has a strong component of being one's own priest, which was very appealing. Shortly after I went on a date with a Baptist Protestant.....his preacher taught with the same "real life personality aka no ones perfect" approach. I have been there since. I am a Christian and my Jesus is in my life..... but no definite plans on the doctrine at the moment.

Posted by: CelticRose 30-Apr-2005, 01:03 AM
Thanks for sharing, Celtic Cat. I know it is scarey to share where we are in our spiritual path sometimes. As a Christian and as you read your Bible, it will lead you to Christ and not doctrine anyway. Doctrine is man-made. Some would say that the Bible is man-made too, but I don't believe that way. I believe it was devinely inspired by God Himself. God bless! smile.gif

Posted by: Celtic cat 30-Apr-2005, 10:27 PM
Thank you CelticRose.

Posted by: marti64 23-Feb-2006, 09:53 PM
Hi All: I suppose I should tell you a little about myself. I grew up in a Massachusetts Congregational Church. I have taught sunday School, and have been a Deacon in my church.

I went to college in Nashua New Hampshire, at a small Catholic School. This environment enhance my belief in the Lord, and made me see that there was not just one way to worship.

I have been attending a small church in Massachusetts for 6 months now, that is far different from the one that I grew up in. There are not many members, but the people there are strong in their faith, and believe in the Word of the Lord, and that is what I need in my life right now.

There have been alot of changes in my life in the past few years, and without faith, there would have been no way that I could have gotten through it.

Now, that I have gone on forever(!!), I will say goodbye..for now, that is...I am looking forward to expanding my posts on this forum( and others) and getting to know you all

Love!!! Marti

Posted by: Elspeth 24-Feb-2006, 07:43 AM
Welcome Marti! smile.gif

So glad you introduced yourself.

And again, write on all you like. We like getting to know people. smile.gif


Posted by: crazykiltedcelt 23-May-2006, 01:11 PM
Hi all I've been meaning to post here for some time so today i thought I better do it be for I forgot again.
Hi Iam Ken and like many of you I come fromm aCatholic background tryed Protesant and Ltheran chucrhes but never found what I was looking for. So I jion none for most of my youth. I was a diffult kid readng Shakesapre listen to Classical musci use logical thinking and common sences. At fifteen I found my chucrh home in the Churh Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have a Savior who is Jesus Christ , my advoicte with the Father and enjoy the compantionship of the Holy Ghost in my life. I 'am trying to spend at least 20 mins. per studing and puonding the sricptures each with pen and paper in hand to wirte down guideles I recive from the sprit as I read.
I'am gald to know many of you through your post so far and hope know many of us better as time goes on May the Blessing of lord and Savior be yours my brother and Sisters vin the Lord.

Posted by: ChocolateFilk 29-May-2006, 10:03 AM
Hi All,

I am mostly a lurker, seldom post. Even in real life I don't say a whole lot. I am in my late 40s, and did not grow up in Christ. I came to Jesus and was baptized in September of 1983 at the church of Christ in La Mesa.

At the moment I am not attending church regularly, but still read my Bible 5 days a week. I am Married with no human youngens. Our youngens are 2 canines and three kitties. ( I live in the San Diego area, am into Science Fiction, folk music and woodworking. I on the sound crew for San Diego Folk Heritage, and will be on the crew for the San Diego Highland Games next month in the city of Vista.

I have been amazed at how God has worked in my life all these years.

Posted by: sisterknight 29-May-2006, 10:51 AM
well hello all...i guess it's about time i did a proper intro, so here name is victoria(my friends call me vik)i grew up in the church of england(high anglican)sang in both junior and senior choir,was an altar"boy". i left the church after my parents divorced(the church would not even talk to us in our time of need and poo-poohed my mother for the divorce)i did continue to sing though(my gift from god according to my grandma)all through high school and college. my first marriage was in an old stone church by a friend of my mum's. i have a 23 years old son and was divorced when he was 6. i wandered between church and wicca for many years. i met the most wonderful man when i was working as fire dispatcher and we married in a presbyterian church. i still sing, not just in church choirs anymore, my gift has grown just as i have. i wear many different hats for my church......the singing is my way to give thanks to god(the big guy)for every day of my life, the good, bad and downright ugly....i know there is a reason for it all and in his good time he'll show me!!talk about going on tooooo much!!!!sorry

Posted by: CelticRose 30-May-2006, 02:29 AM
QUOTE (ChocolateFilk @ 29-May-2006, 11:03 AM)
Hi All,

I am mostly a lurker, seldom post. Even in real life I don't say a whole lot. I am in my late 40s, and did not grow up in Christ. I came to Jesus and was baptized in September of 1983 at the church of Christ in La Mesa.

At the moment I am not attending church regularly, but still read my Bible 5 days a week. I am Married with no human youngens. Our youngens are 2 canines and three kitties. ( I live in the San Diego area, am into Science Fiction, folk music and woodworking. I on the sound crew for San Diego Folk Heritage, and will be on the crew for the San Diego Highland Games next month in the city of Vista.

I have been amazed at how God has worked in my life all these years.

Well hey there CF! Sorry to abbreviate your name, but was easier for me. Hope you don't mind! Glad to have you here. Celtic radio is a terrific site with many terrific people so don't be shy about posting!

I see you are on the sound board for the San Diego games. I think you and I have spoken before because I am a major Wicked Tinkers fan. Hope the show goes well there. I get to see the band in July in Flagstaff, AZ and can hardly wait. Wish you could come join us!

Glad to see you are amongst the followers of Christ. I don't follow HIm perfectly in many ways, I am ashamed to say. But I am a strong believer that He is who He said he was and is to this day for us all. I attend a church and slowly but surely getting involved in it with friends I have made there. I say reluctantly for personal reasons. Let's just say I have been involved in too many church splits and knowing all the insides and outs, was very painful. I know there is no perfect church and I am far from perfect, but I still feel the need to be cautious.

I have been married for nearly 22 years now. Our youngins are four legged as well.

Hope to hear more from you! Write me privately if you would like.

speak soon!

Posted by: Roberto Phoenix 20-Jul-2006, 10:39 PM
Hello, my real name is Robert and I've been a husband of 21 years and father of three (boy, girl, boy)and way too many cats and dogs. I was baptized Catholic, raised Lutheran and have always had a interest in all things spiritual. These interests led me from being a Lutheran to hanging out with and becoming one of the local "Jesus freaks" during my first three years of college. Went back to Lutheranism and spent one year in the seminary. Years later in my never ending search for truth I converted to Roman Catholicism. Right now I'm am earning my master's degree in Religious Education through a diocese extension course from Loyola University in New Orleans. Yes, God help me, I'm studying under the Jesuits LOL. Those who are RC know what I'm talking about. Hope I can learn from and add to the discussions here. shalom

Posted by: Rebecca Ann 19-Mar-2007, 10:25 AM
I am not sure of many of these places yet and what many of the things mean or how to work here. I found this kirk while trying to figure out this strange new land and thought I would come in and listen a bit. I was afraid to post here at first but than I found two others. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints (LDS). I am RebeccaAnn. I was raised Southern Baptist and baptized with my brother when I was 9. When we were teens we went to the Salvation Army Church. Heavenly Father is the only father I have ever known. My father left us when I was 4 and so from the time I was 6 we were raised and taught by momma and Grammy. We were raised with the King James Bible and American Indian legends. We were taught at a very early age the only ones we could turn to, that would always be there for us no matter what are Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I went to a Catholic high school. Never could figure them out and was never accepted. I struggled with religion and how the churches were all so different. Why did the Catholics tell me I have to pray to saints and I can't go directly to the Lord? Why did they have Christ dead on the cross? In our church we had an empty cross and I often wore a beautiful cross with the Lord's Prayer in it that my grandmother gave me. Christ rose from the dead and lives today, so a proper cross should be empty. As you can imagine these concepts didn't go well with my teachers. Neither did the fact that I never went to confession and that I only went to mass when told I had to in school. Why confess your wrongs to the priest? He is just a man. If you have hurt another person go directly to that person and ask forgiveness. If you make a wrong turn or do a wrong go directly to the Lord and ask His help and forgivnnes. One day I asked momma what our religion was because our faith seemed not completely fit in with any. How can Heavenly Father and Jesus be one? They are two, if this is not so than when Jesus prays in the garden he is praying to himself. He isn't teaching because no one else is there. It's not logical. Then I found a story about how St. Patrick taught about the trinity using the shamrock. I found a clover and I understood. There are three leaves on one steam. Three people one in purpose. Momma said we have our own family religion. We are seekers of Light and Truth.
Good Friday 13 April 1979 I was baptized LDS. The missionaries called us dry Mormons and all we needed was proper baptism by one holding the proper authority from God. In the Book of Mormon I found the stories I learned as a small child. Jesus did come to the Americas and teach the people here. All that I knew to be true, I had found. At 13, I visited Temple Square in Salt Lake. The guide told us about the Temple and how it is a sacred place. I told the guide someday I will be married there. He just looked down at me and told me I would. When I was 16, Grammy was taken Home. I was lost and alone yet somehow I knew Grammy was watching over me and we would be together again forever.
Jim was baptized LDS 18 Sept 1982. 11 Oct 1983 we were sealed together forever as man and wife in Washington DC Temple and momma was sealed to her parents making us a Forever Family.
We are the parents of 5 wonderful children. Julianna is 20 and in her second year at Southern Virginia University. She is an honors student on academic scholarship and works at the school library. David just turned 18 on March 14th. He is in high school and attends the tech campus working in building trades. EmmaAnn is 9 and Sarah is 7. Jean-Thomas is our middle child and lives in Heaven with Jesus but watches over us always and visits from time to time. He sends rainbows. He says good music comes from Heaven as do all things good. He says there are two colors of people, dark and light. Has nothing to do with the color of the skin but the color within. Those who are dark you need to keep your distance yet at the same time love them and look to find the light hidden deep inside. Help them to find their hidden light. A stranger is just a friend I haven't yet met. Jean-Thomas is an angel come to earth for a short time. He lived a full and happy life and served a full-time mission and is still serving. Heavenly Father came and took him Home when he was 6 1/2. But in those few years he lived more than most live in a lifetime.

Posted by: Elspeth 20-Mar-2007, 08:13 AM
Welcome Rebecca Ann!!

You certainly have had a full and fascinating faith journey so far.

Posted by: Nova Scotian 01-Apr-2007, 07:13 PM
I don't like to give out my name on line. Just call me NS. I'm 39 have a beautiful wife who's expecting our 2nd child who'll be our first boy and I have a beautiful daughter. My wife and I met at church here in Florida. We belong to a non-demoninational pentecostal Church.

Posted by: Gwynhwyvar 18-Jul-2007, 03:28 PM
I am so glad I found this forum. I have enjoyed reading y'alls posts.
My name is Jennie and I just joined CR 3 days ago. I was raised in a Southern Baptist church here in my hometown of Smyrna, GA. I never felt completely at home in the Baptist church, and could not figure it out. But, I stuck with it and made the best of the situation. I was "dunked"/baptised when I was 10, but always felt that God, Christ and the Holy Spirit was always present in my life. It wasn't until 1983 when I heard a Presbyterian preacher (PCA) preach. Something clicked and it was then that I discovered reformed Presbyterian thought. For some reason, it was always there. Well, when I got married, I married another Presbyterian. We both love genealogy and have found that the vast majority of both of our ancestors were Presbyterian, Dutch Reformed or Huegenot (sp?). I guess it's in my genetic makeup.
LIke I said, my name is Jennie. I live in Smyrna, GA - and am actually a native of Smyrna. I am married to Freddie - August 9 will be our 23rd anniversary. We have two children - daughter Shannon Brianna (20) and Eric (15). I teach at the school at our church - Covenant Christian School. I teach 4 year olds. I have also taught music, art and P.E. I am also teach Chess afterschool. CCS is unique in that we teach all subjects from a Christian worldview. We don't just sprinkle a few prayers and count apostles during the day. Shannon and Eric have always been home schooled. Shannon is an accomplished flutist and makes mega bucks babysitting for families at our church. This coming year she will be apprenticing/student teaching at the school. Eric is Eric, he loves to write, play baseball, loves LOTR, Star Wars, plays Play Station baseball and football with his dad - he wears a size 15 shoe and is 6'1" tall - taller than both his parents. WE are proud of both of our children and their walk with the Lord. They can hold their own with friends that can be rather hostile to Christianity. They do it without being mean spirited about it. That's a wonderful thing. I have always sung in a church choir since I could walk. This Christmas we are performing the Christmas portion of the Messiah. We have a traditional service at our church - Smyrna Presbyterian. My husband worked as a Mechanical contractor up until about 6 yearas ago when his dad, who he worked with, decided to retire and get out. That threw Freddie into an early retirement. He is now head of maintenance at our church. That way he can continue with the homeschooling and be on call, etc. when needed. We live very close to the church also, which is a good thing considering gas prices. Thanks for a wonderful forum where believers can gather and get to know each other better. If we never meet here on earth, I know we will meet in heaven.

In service to our awesome God,

Jennie note.gif

Posted by: gwenlee 20-Jul-2007, 06:18 PM
Jennie, I use to go to a PCA when I lived in Columbus, GA. In fact my 2nd born was baptized in the PCA. She was my only protestant. The other 3 were baptized Catholic. I loved my church and pastor when we lived down there.

Right now I go to Congregation Beth Hallel in Roswell, GA. It is a messianic believer congregation.


Posted by: Shepherdess 24-Jul-2007, 08:37 AM
Messianic - wow, that's cool! We had a Messianic believer in my old church and I knew a lot more out in San Francisco.

I've been loosely Baptist-ish my whole life. Being of a very concrete turn of mind, I was blessed to be introduced very early to C. S. Lewis and similar writers, or I don't know where I would have got to in my faith. Evangelicalism in-your-face, dress-this-way, do-these-things - it wasn't doing it for me, for sure. It did keep me out of trouble as a teen, though, at least, lol.

For a while in our early adutlhood and marriage, we attended a church that was sort of Baptist but the main distinctives they offered were an emphasis on quiet faith that led by example, being ready at all times to offer answers to seekers, and an almost complete focus on expositional study of the Word during meetings. The eighteen years I spent there strongly shaped my world view and belief system.

We're now in a place where we basically have a choice, locally, among formalist type churches (not our style), Southern Baptists (meh), and holy rollers (uh, no). We found a nice little Southern Baptist church where they preach simple faith, nothing really clashes with our view of things, and nothing too scary happens in service. Patrick's not sure about the - er - enthusiastic singing and modern songs, but I like it and the kids are really getting into it.

The name of our farm, Irena, is an Anglicized word from Koine Greek that means "peace with God" or "Harmony." We are pursuing sustainable farming, which we're not even close to, but it's a goal. wink.gif

The kids are home schooling. I pray every day that they find the same peace with God that we did, and come to it as early as Patrick and I both did. It's helpful in this mad, mad world.

Posted by: monksplay1958 31-Jul-2007, 07:10 PM
Hello everyone! My name is Melissa & I have been bopping around this website for about 6 months-just love the people & music! I have been really touched by your stories. Thank you, all, for sharing! And here is a glimpse of my story....was born 8th out of 9 children in an Irish Catholic family.Went to Mass from the time I was a little tike, and really started enjoying church when I was in high school. We had a little youth group in my local parish at St Ann's-we would go from parish to parish and do a little youth service-complete with singing,skits & liturgical dance (singing & lit dancing were my favs). The nun that helped coordinate that group was named Rosalie-she was a breath of fresh air-and she was the FIRST person in the RC church to tell me that I could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Well, she planted the seeds...then fast forward to my senior boss at the fast food restaurant I worked at witnessed to me & showed me that he was serious about his faith. He & his wife lived a life of love & integrity-I wanted what they had! So, I said the sinners prayer one night at work when I was 17 years old. I left the RC while in college,then started going to a Reformed Church with my husband,and have been a member or attended several different churches-Reformed Church in America, Christian Reformed, Full gospel charismatic,Baptist, and currently am going to a little non-denom Bible church. My faith has changed over the years, but Jesus Christ NEVER changes-I find huge comfort in that. I experience God in many ways-when I am outdoors, when I am singing, when I am in need & a friend *just happens* to call, or I receive a mystery check in the mail just in the knick of time. God has also blessed me with 4 beautiful children-2 sons & 2 daughters-30,25,22 & 18-and 4 darling grandchildren-2 boys & 2 girls-5 months,10 months,2 years & 3 years old. Life with the Lord just keeps getting sweeter! I pray that I will be a channel of God's love, grace & mercy to others.

Posted by: Redelle 10-Sep-2007, 08:43 AM
Well, I guess I should say something. I've been a member/supporter of Celtic Radio for years, but haven't every really posted much. I'm trying to slowly change that.

My name is Gary, and I grew up strongly Southern Baptist. If the church was open, I was there. My dad is a Deacon and a sunday school teacher as were my grandfathers. My mom sang (and still sings) in the choir, and leads the childrens choirs. I grew up singing in all the choirs from child till adult. I was baptised when I was 9 years old. I spent a lot of time absorbing all that was taught and lived it in a general way. I never broke taboos, I knew I loved God and Jesus, but I never really knew the personal relationship part until I found my current church.

About 10 years ago, I started attending North Point Community Church, taught by Andy Stanley. While not affiliated with the SBC, it's certainly the very close in it's teachings and beliefs (without the accompanying denominational squabbles). My family affectionaly calls it "Rock & Roll Baptist." I've certainly grown in my relationship with God and I still have a long way to go (don't we all?) Personally, I don't mind the music as 5 years ago I lost a lot of my hearing (genetics, the time bomb finally went off), and so playing it loud allows me to turn off the hearing aids and enjoy it. That also meant I could no longer sing in the choir. That has hurt, but I can still enjoy listening to music.

I'll be married four years this October to a wonderful woman. I'll be 34 and she will be 28. She was raised Roman Catholic, and attends a Byzantine Catholic church now. She does enjoy being married to a Protestant as it's taught her quite a bit more about the Bible, she says. I've gained from her a greater appreciation for the EARLY church.

No children yet, as medicine has determined that it's not possible for us. We keep praying and hoping, however. We do have a Phalene who is quite a handful for such a small dog. Heck, he managed to break my leg within 3 months of having him (interesting story). He does remind me of God's commands to take care of those in our care though. Gosh we love that little rascal.

We have recently been asked to become Small Group Leaders at North Point, so we are in training for that right now. We have been in Small Groups all through ou marriage, so it's time we pass on what others have given to us. I do have a hobby of apologetics, and love learning as much as I can about our Heavenly Father. I look forward to the discussions and fellowship here.

Posted by: haynes9 10-Sep-2007, 10:39 AM
Hello, Gary, from the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona. My family and i are missionaries here on the Rez as we call it. I am an independent (non-denominational) Baptist.

Great to hear from you and hope you will post often. We have a pretty active group of folks from all walks of life. If you look up my photo gallery hereon the site, you can catch a few photos of me and my family. We have seven children, three left at home.

Looking forward to hearing form you! Welcome aboard and have a great day!

Posted by: Gwynhwyvar 11-Sep-2007, 06:42 PM

Welcome aboard from Smyrna, GA! We're almost neighbors. I have a good friend and her husband that go to North Point. My husband and I were members of Atlanta First Baptist, Charles Stanley's church, about 18 years ago when they were still in downtown. We are now members of Smyrna Presbyterian, PCA.
Again, welcome aboard.


Posted by: dundee 12-Sep-2007, 10:47 AM
QUOTE (Gwynhwyvar @ 11-Sep-2007, 07:42 PM)
Smyrna, GA!

off topic for a second... isnt that where they make Glock *s*

ok i am jim...

i was raised catholic but walked away when i was 18 got involved with the hippie movement (yes i am that old) after a couple of years the the Jesus People happened to come to my town... it wasnt long until i had found a whole new reason to live. i traveled with them for sometime.

after that marriage children and grandkids... and the assembly of God church in which i was quite active from music to acting...but it seems that God keeps putting people in my life and then taking them away.... everything from pastors to friends to you name it... i get close to people and then they are gone... i finally left the AoG and havent been to church in a few years. i feel slightly jaded and let down from the constant comings and goings in my life. however i still talk to the Father and still claim His Son as my salvation... i dont really have anything else. my music and performing at regional ren faires keeps me going .... for now at least.

sorry for babbling *L* note.gif

Posted by: Dougie 20-Oct-2007, 10:03 PM
Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ,
Hello everyone my name is Doug. Im from the big state of Maine. Lets see ummmm.... Im currently a second year student at Zion Bible College in RI. I have been raised in the church my whole life. I currently attend a (Non) Denominational Pentecostal Church. I love God so much. Hes done so much for me and my family. Im not saying having Jesus in your life is a bed of Roses. There will be times of testing and trials. Anyway i love God so much and i hope to serve him in full time ministry when i graduate. I know God has a plan for each and every one of our lives. We just have to seek him.
Once again brothers&Sisters i love you all and will be praying daily for you..... We must become unified and affect this world by living for Jesus. One quote i love is . "I want to empty Hell and Over Populate Heaven" If thats possible LOL. Hope to hear from you all soon.

God Bless,

Posted by: cylassie 23-Nov-2007, 08:59 AM
Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have been following the Lord for 30 years and found my way back to the faith of my fathers, Reformed Presbyterian. My Henderson ancestors were Scottish Presbyterians and started churches in their homes as they settled the PA frontier.

I didn't find the Lord until age 15 when I went to live with my grandparents, (Scotts) in 1975. The journey has been long and hard, but a good one.

Posted by: Haggishead 23-Nov-2007, 11:14 AM
OK. I must confess that I have been here for a little bit of time and just now saw this thread. Very embarrassing.

I am a minister in a baptist tradition and have been so for about 20 years. Prior to that, I was a police officer. I grew up in the reformed trad of Christianity so I guess you could refer to me as a reformed baptist. Labels are useless and many times undeserving so I look at it like this:

~Sinner by birth
~Christian by grace
~Denomination by choice

I have worked primarily in cross-cultural settings (Asian) throughout those years with about 40% of the time in Japan. But now we are back in the States doing education, missions and student ministry in a mid-size church in the SW. I write bible study materials based on CCM for a national company based out of TN and sit on a board of directors for an apologetic group out of TX.

I head up a Scottish and Irish group where we live and do as many games and festivals as I can get in. I also teach karate at my church on a weekly basis. My dream is to own and relax in a mountain home looking forward to the first snows of the season.

'bout it, I guess. Nothing too exciting.

Posted by: FamhairCloiche 06-Mar-2008, 07:17 AM
Filte cirdean ann an Criosda Mac Dh.

'S mise Adrian, agus tha mi is an teaghlach agam a' fuireach ann an Tulsa, OK.
I'm Adrian, and my family and I live in Tulsa, OK.

I began attending a Southern Baptist Church in Kansas when I was 12. Kansas by the way is Lutheran and Mennonite country. I was accepted Christ's offer a salvation and was baptised when I was 13. My love for God began to erode almost immediately, and over the ensuing decade, from the skeptisism, relativism, and intellectualism that was to dominate my teens and early twenties. Then a funny thing happened. In a darkened hopital room, my six-hour old new daughter opened her sensitive eyes in the dim light and stared at me with an expression that I can only describe as wonder. God showed Himself to me though His Creation; my new child.
Then a funny thing happened. God asked me about my outlook, and He made me realize that all of my searching would always be fruitless without Him. Since that moment I have allowed Him to come back into my life. I'm sometimes frustrated by the fact that I'm not more active in bringing love to other people. But when I have this thought and feeling, I am immediately aware of God's molding me into his better servant.

Posted by: Siobhan Blues 07-Apr-2008, 03:26 PM
Love it! Glad to read your post. Ain't it amazing how no matter what we do, no matter how far we wander, He's always right there just waiting for the chance to show us how He cares.

He pokes and prods and backs us into a corner, makes us sit still sometimes and just breathe, ya know... He is amazing.

It's nature that He's used to reach my heart since I was so very young... and now He's using it again to calm my soul after a somewhat uproarious couple of years filled with fledgling kids and ill in-laws. Thanks to His grace we are now on a little farm (5 acres, two old horses and a tomato plant wink.gif ) that I love to wake up to each morning.

Posted by: Montie, druid at heart 07-Oct-2008, 09:31 AM
Hello all.
I was baptised at 8 years old and have drifted back and forth for years. I was married at 31 to my wife and her daughter bobi. When we had our daughter Casi, it really hit me that she will look to me for guidance and as an example. My wife always took care of Bobi but Casi's birth really brought it home to me. (I'm a bit slow and tend to be self centered) I honestly believe Casi saved my soul. I've really got my life going in the right direction and have been blessed. You know if GOD had let happen what I planned, Casi would not be here and my wife and I would probably be divorced. Thank GOD that he doesn't let me control things, though I tend to try to everyday.
It is funny too that when my wife and I decided to really do a real tythe, we weren't sure that we could do it. We take the money out for the church first now and then do the rest of the bills. Somehow, there is always enough money now when there never was enough when we didn't tythe. All GOD asks is that we trust him, it is just hard to let him "drive".
Sorry for the long winded thoughts here.

Posted by: Siobhan Blues 12-Oct-2008, 01:43 PM
Ohhh, man, that hits home about deciding whether to tithe or not... my husband and I moved to a new home 2 years ago, and just recently found a terrific new church to become members of. It was difficult to cut ties with the church we'd members of since childhood, but we knew it was time to get active again and the old church was too far away.
We really like this new church, and are enjoying meeting people and participating in services. Just this morning my husband said he thinks we ought to start tithing, but my instant response was 'it won't leave us enough to pay bills with'. Well that just ain't true, sure it might not leave us a lot of extra funds but we won't starve... and down keep inside I know we ought to start tithing too. What you had to say here is very inspiring.


Posted by: Jillian 15-Nov-2008, 08:04 PM
Hello to everyone,
I grew up Episcopalian and was baptized Episcopalian. Throughout high school I was active teaching Sunday school and summer Bible school, providing care in the nursery and participating in youth group. Then during my twenties and thirties, I fell away from going to church regularly, unsure of my church's changing views, and simply being very self-centered and engaged in the material world. Thankfully the Lord helped me realize that a life without the Him left me extremely empty and unfulfilled. I got back to studying the Bible daily and praying for guidance and grace. I still float around to churches and I must admit struggle to find one to settle down with, but I have enjoyed becoming active with a weekly Bible study group at the nearby Methodist church. Maybe it's the intimacy of the Bible group that I long for the most. I guess the most important thing for me is to continue working hard, and pray for the Lord's grace to continue to work in my life. What a process...and what a journey it has been!


Posted by: Siobhan Blues 03-Dec-2008, 10:15 AM
The most important thing for me is personal Bible study. Getting involved in a weekly Bible study is great! Our Sunday School class is like that; the teacher is remarkable in his ability to quote Scripture for any situation or problem we bring up in the group. We've had some amazing discussions that helped clear up some issues for us. This guy has a Doctorate in Christian counseling! Wish I had his memory, man, I remember what the Bible says but can't tell you exactly where. rolleyes.gif

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas season! I like this time of year...

Posted by: Amergin 03-Apr-2009, 08:44 PM
Greetings brethren and cistern. (That's a joke, for any of you humor impaired.)

I was born and raised Episcopalian, and we were in church every time the doors were open. I was the youngest person ever elected to our parish vestry (church board). In my college years I wandered from church to church, but always thought of our little Episcopal congregation as my local church. Later, I married a Lutheran girl, and we searched for neutral ground. We wound up in a Berean Fundamental Church. They're much less liturgical than either of our home churches, but the conservative, bible-believing, Christ-oriented agenda struck a chord with us.

I now have a Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Studies from a conservative Christian University and we fellowship with a group of Christians who think Jesus is more important than dogma or church polity or whatever. I'm ordained by a Christian Church (an anti-denominational denomination), but they fear my strong stance on the grace and power of God in individual lives, so I don't fellowship there anymore.

I find myself sometimes more in tune with the old Celtic beliefs because they recognize the immanence of God in nature, and yet they don't recognize the source. Perhaps one day it will all come together in one grand unified theory of true belief.

Or maybe not. We are only finite humans after all, even if we do have an organic relationship with the creator of the universe through his transcendant Son. Hallelu Jah!

Posted by: Haggishead 27-Apr-2009, 10:24 AM
Nice to meet you, Amergin. You have had quite the journey.

Have you read "Thin Places; An Evangelical Journey into Celtic Christianity"? The author is Tracy Blazer. She is the Director of Christian Formation for John Brown University. Good book.

As for what people fear in churches, do not worry about that. As long as you are focused biblically and sold out 100% to God, do not worry about them. We are here to please God, not man. *don't anyone jump on this as unconcerned for people please*

Much of the Christian world has lost sight on the awesomeness of God as seen through His creation. The Psalmist declared that God's handiwork and majesty is displayed throughout all creation. It, obviously, is not limited to creation but it is the first thing we see of His glory.

Anyhoo...glad you are here!

Posted by: Perkeo 15-Mar-2011, 01:17 AM
Hello every one,

I know this thread hasn't been used in a while but I'm going to introduce myself anyway. wink.gif

I was baptized Phillip Edward but I'm known to most of my friends and family as Teddy or Perkeo. I've been a Catholic for 41 years so far. Some of my family have either given up going to church or joined other Christian based religions. I have studied many different religions (about 30+) but I remain Catholic. I recently joined the Irish Catholic group called The Ancient Order of Hibernians and have enjoyed their company and leadership toward doing good toward others.

Another little history about me is that I became ordained online to help some friends of mine who wanted to get married but didn't feel right about doing in a church or in front of some one they didn't know. They knew I studied religion as a hobby and asked if there was a way I could do the ceremony for them. I did my research and since that time I've done 15 weddings for friends and family and spoke at a funeral for a friends mother. Which was a great honor.

One of the reasons I took it upon myself to study so many religions it that I believe in order to know who people are it's a good start to know how they relate to god or gods depending on the religion.

Thanks for letting me ramble. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Rhymer 27-Mar-2011, 03:22 PM
Hi guys just found this page. My name is Andrew Provan McIntyre although my pen name is Rhymer. Mainly because I write poetry. Also dabble in Art.I am 58 years young come April. I started attending church while still in the womb. I have been a christian since I was 14 or thereabouts.Firstly I attended a mission , of which there used to be many in Scotland.This was an evangelical church non denomenational.At eighteen I lefdt in disgust, I had seen the rise of Hippiedom and embraced its ideals, befor drugs and money making corporations despoiled it.I did not return until 1996 26 years later, I was in Whithorn at a friends in their church when I heard God say to me, "Time you came back". Whithorn incidently is where Ninian brought christianity in the 4/5thc ad, his church was known as "The White House".
I came back was baptised in 1998 at a church in Kilsyth, Scotland.I am no longer attending that church as evil portrayed as an angel of light became Pastor. We left, my wife of 37 years and now attend a noe fellowship in the next town called Lenzie Christian Fellowship. I am a grandfather of four beautiful children produced by my son and daughter. This is me and you are you keep in touch.


Posted by: Haggishead 27-Mar-2011, 03:28 PM
Welcome Rhymer! Same goes for you Perkeo! Good to have you both on-board. It has been a while since people were here but we do check in from time to time. Sit back, relax and enjoy the walkman.gif and the folks here!

Posted by: jmparrish 22-Feb-2012, 10:14 PM
I wish I had found this site sooner! You all have such wonderful stories! I am Janine, or jmparrish (Jessica Parrish is a neat detective in one of my favorite graphic novels). My family is Roman Catholic, and I am a practicing Roman Catholic now. My faith journey has been over the map, much like many of you, but I am happy and content now smile.gif

Posted by: MacEoghainn 23-Feb-2012, 12:04 PM
I'm not sure why I never posted anything in this thread unsure.gif ....but better late than never. biggrin.gif

I'm Steve Ewing and I'm a Baptist by choice (when I was a kid I went to a Methodist church). My Dad, who probably should have been a Presbyterian (Scot/Irish Presbyterians on both sides of his family), went to Lutheran Churches because his Stepmother was a hardheaded German Lutheran and no one argued with her (especially my Grandfather and/or my Dad). My Mother, who probably should have been Anglican/Episcopalian or Roman Catholic (her Father's side of the family) or Brethren (AKA: Dunkards Her maternal Grandfather's family), ended up in Presbyterian Churches because her maternal Grandmother's people were Presbyterians and that's where Great-grandmother and my Grandmother took her as a child. Both my parents ended up becoming Baptists too (I must have been a bad influence on them angel_not.gif ).

Posted by: haynes9 23-Feb-2012, 11:09 PM
QUOTE (MacEoghainn @ 23-Feb-2012, 11:04 AM)
I'm not sure why I never posted anything in this thread unsure.gif ....but better late than never. biggrin.gif

I'm Steve Ewing and I'm a Baptist by choice (when I was a kid I went to a Methodist church). My Dad, who probably should have been a Presbyterian (Scot/Irish Presbyterians on both sides of his family), went to Lutheran Churches because his Stepmother was a hardheaded German Lutheran and no one argued with her (especially my Grandfather and/or my Dad). My Mother, who probably should have been Anglican/Episcopalian or Roman Catholic (her Father's side of the family) or Brethren (AKA: Dunkards Her maternal Grandfather's family), ended up in Presbyterian Churches because her maternal Grandmother's people were Presbyterians and that's where Great-grandmother and my Grandmother took her as a child. Both my parents ended up becoming Baptists too (I must have been a bad influence on them angel_not.gif ).

Hard to know what to do with those Baptists! I know, because "I are one" and pastor a boatload of them! tongue.gif

You can tell a Baptist, but you can't tell him much!!

Have a great day, everyone!

Posted by: Grace2302 27-Mar-2012, 02:16 PM
Hi everyone! My name is Joanna. I was raised United Methodist in the church my maternal grandparents were charter members of. My grandfather was Finnish and was born in Michigan and attended a Luthern church there. When he moved here and married my grandmother they attended a church which then split off to start the one I'm at now. My mom and aunts were also raised in that church. My dad wasn't raised in any one church. He attended several different churches and denominations as a child - Luthern, Methodist, Mormon, Baptist, but none regularly. He attended our church when we were children, but has since quit going except for special events such as baptisms.
I have become more involved there as I've grown up. I'm in the choir (currently the youngest member at 27!), serve on two of our boards, and assist the children's progam. After growing out of the youth group at 18, there hasn't been much for young adults at our church, so many of them leave. Recently, two of the ladies have started a women's bible study which runs for about eight weeks at a time. I've found those to be really interesting and it helps to connect with the older ladies at church.
My favorite part of the service is the music. We have a contemporary service with a praise band and a traditional service with a choir and organ. I sometimes sing with the praise band for major holidays, but I prefer the traditional service. I love the hymns. note.gif

Anyway, sorry for the long history. I tend to ramble when I get going.

Posted by: Robert Phoenix 02-Apr-2012, 07:56 PM
I have seen many that have posted here but not too many replies. So I just thought I would wish everyone a warm welcome. Glad you like the music and if you stick around you will hear and find some really cool stuff. I've been listening for several years now and it has been quite the adventure.

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