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Posted: 08-Oct-2007, 06:01 PM
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Background: The Duffs are descended from those original Gaels who inhabited the Highlands of Scotland long before the Roman Invasion, and before the Christian era. Their ancient Gaelic name, Dhuibh, is pronounced Duff, and signifies a dark complected man with dark hair. The first Scottish Highlanders were members of the ancient German Tribes who crossed over the German Ocean and settled first on the east and north coast of the barren Island of Caledonia, later moving inland. They were of the Chauci, Cimbri, Suevi, Catti, and others, all fair complected with either red or brown hair, and of a giant stature and enormous endurance. The people of Britain and the lowlands of Scotland were originally from France and southern Europe, but the Highlanders from the beginning, kept themselves apart, and did not mingle with the lowlanders, whom they hated.

Variations: Doff, Duf, Duff, Duif, Macduff, Makduf, Abbernetti, Aburnethe, Abrenythie, Abirnythy, Abirnethy, Abirnethny, Abirnethie, Habernethi, Abernethy, Abernethny, Abernethie, Abernethi, Aberneathy, Abernythe, Abernathy, Abernathie, Abirnyte, Laynge, Abernyte, Lange, Lang, Wemysse, Wemyss, Wemes, Wemeth, Wemys, Wemis, Wemyes, Wemise

More Info: http://heraldry.celticradio.net/search.php?id=152

Discussion of this family is welcomed.

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Posted: 09-Oct-2007, 05:15 PM
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The following is what little information I have.

Some time during the 1400's, Clan MacDuff built a castle in Fife known as Creich. Those who stayed there and kept the castle became known by it, giving rise to the Creich sept of clan MacDuff. From what I gather, all was great for about 100 years or so until scandal tore it all apart and supposedly most everyone with the same was forced to either leave the area or use assumed names... This so far seems to be where the story ends, until 1608.

In 1635, here comes a fellow by the name of Richard Creich (b. 1608), leaving Fife for the American colonies (Where the spelling becomes Creech). He raises a family in Virginia with a wife by the name of Frances Beale (Daughter of Robert Beale and Mary Belt), and "Was killed by indians some time afterwards" Then, after what would become a long list of Old Testament style begats that we will simply call 13 generations, his (Great E13) Grandson starts getting curious about the 100 year gap in history.

It is this scant knowledge that drives me to want to visit Scotland more than any other contributing factor. I know I have read additional details various places, but I'm wondering about the history before him in General, and the direct patriarchal line in particular.

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