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Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Dec 7th, 2004 3:15 PM
So. So. So. There have been so many things happening this last week. So yes, Jackie is a wicked wicked girl. She will do anything to get her way or to hurt people whom she assumes has hurt her. How dare she treat my best friend the was she has been! In all honesty, Jackie has accused Kara of stealing. And guess what? Jackie can't keep her big mouth shut so now everyone knows that Kara is stealing and so on and so forth. She is probably going to be disciplined by stumpf because guess what evil jackie can' keep her fat mouth shut! So in all honesty Jackie accuses Kara of stealing and breaking her stuff because Kara was the las person in the room over thanksgiving break. Well to be fair Jackie should be accusing Antoinette because Antoinette was the last person in the room since she came back from break early. Nothing has been stolen in the first place. Jackie, Kara, and Antoiette's room is such a mess as it is Jackie most likely misplaced whatever it was. Jackie of all people has no place to accuse ANYONE of stealing especially since she is the one with the true reputation of stealing. That is a whole nother story I can go into as well. Of couse everyone believes Jackie and so now Kara's clean name is has been destroyed and everyone in household is talking about it. That girl is the most coniving, schemeing, twisted person I have ever known. You know what makes it so bad? She is the fricken' coordinator!!! She is in charge of a household and it's religious functions. She is supposed to set the example for everyone else in the household. If Kara didn't tell me not to get invovled in this situation Jackie would not be able to recognize herself in the mirror! So keep it in mind, you screw my friends I screw you. You have no idea how bad I want to beat her ass. But I won't because Kara made me promise not too. Oooooo....How can one person be so disgustingly evil???? Who does that? Who calls themselves a good Catholic and do such horrible things to someone who hasn't hurt her in anyway. If Kara was mean to Jackie ever it was because of Jackie. This all goes back to the other horrible trickery that Jackie did to Kara and two other friends of mine while they were in Austria. Grrrr...

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