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Posted by: Milanin 06-Apr-2017, 07:19 AM

I've only been playing for a while, but I'd like to give some suggestions for the few things that slightly caught my attention.

When deleting the number and not replacing it with a 0, the number stays at whichever it was before deletion. For instance, at the current version, you write in a number, click out of the input box, it updates how much it would cost, but if you delete the number without replacing it with a 0, it doesn't assume that there is supposed to be a 0 there and doesn't even register the change.
-I would like to suggest that there is a detection if/when the field of how many workers is empty.

A small quip is that I'd love a -1/+1 on the sides just so that when one already can click around, those could be done too. Possibly a +/all available (non-currently being allocated) workers/ button.

Under Missions for worker recruitment, would it be possible to input the minimum amount required above, under or somewhere in that space? As I've already started to see the increase (Currently at 4 recruited workers) to 380 minimum requirement.
The first I no longer remember, but I have tried doing it with the minimum with the second worker at the price of 260 and got 0 workers from it, but then put forth 800 or so and got 3 in one go.

Maybe I'll have some other suggestions at a later time, when I reach more of the game.

Posted by: Milanin 11-Apr-2017, 08:22 AM
With building construction, is it possible to implement a way to use other resources for the construction, which would be at a ratio?
Gold Mine
Produce a viable income for your kingdom through mining gold seams.

Gold: 15,000
Food: 5,000
Wood: 5,000
Time: 14 months

When using less of a resource, like if you'd try using 14,000 Gold, you'd have to supply at a ratio of 2:1 or such for Food or Wood, causing it to be for example
Gold: 14,000
Food: 7,000
Wood: 5,000
Time: 14 months
Gold: 14,000
Food: 5,000
Wood: 7,000
Time: 14 months
Gold: 14,000
Food: 6,000
Wood: 6,000
Time: 14 months

Possibly by using sliders and a input box?

Posted by: Milanin 16-May-2017, 01:17 PM
A few extra researches would be nice.
Every time I click on the Research, I hope to see something, yet come up empty.
Like perhaps a infinite research that increases it's price like the recruitment of workers? Just a addition of like 0.01% to production or such. "Refining techniques".
Perhaps have threshold at which a 'breakthrough' of adding a 0.1% or so happens. Adding a chance element to it by doing random 1-100, between the three resources, which would then lower or increase the threshold of the lowest or highest random number's resource.
Kingdom A has better woodcutters/carpenters than Kingdom B,
while B has better farming techniques.
Kingdom C also has better woodcutters,
but worse farmers than A,
while A's mining/trade is lower than either B or C.

Posted by: McRoach 05-Dec-2020, 01:47 PM
Here are a few suggestions I'd like to see added if you get the time to update:

1. Increase the value of everything up to a 7 digits at least, one of the biggest draw backs to this game is the need to type 9999 over and over again trying to get 10's or 100's of thousands of anything.

2. Make soldiers consume food. If you want to maintain a large army and still have food to grow more you must have abundant farms or buy it on the market. We don't have to cause armies to disband if the food runs out but a player should not be able to continue gaining units if they don't generate food beyond what is consumed by the current number of troops unless the food is bought/brought in from elsewhere (attacking others i.e.)

3. Add a map to the game which larger kingdoms can control more of. If you have a million power kingdom you should be able to control more of the map than a player with a thousand power. You could also add bonus resource tiles to the map which allow players to leverage what they control for better wood, food or gold production.

4. Allow any player to attack any kingdom. To make sure larger players do not bully everyone else you could put a cap on the number of resources which are protected or buildings that are safe from destruction based on kingdom size. Small power 30 kingdoms can protect 3 buildings and 3 workers and 3 troops. 10k power kingdoms can protect 100 buildings, 100 workers and 1000 troops in their "castle" or "keep"

5. Add more research which offers more buffs and conversely costs more to initiate as mentioned in prior comments of this thread. Every unit type should require new research starting with militia and slavers.

6. Add a culture aspect or bonus to each kingdom. For example a kingdom with no slave obtained workers gets a higher production per worker. Kingdoms with social medicine get an HP bonus for troops in battles.

I have truly enjoyed playing this game for the last 10 years and even though I will take a long break from it at times, it makes me happy to come back to find my awesome kingdom and clan mates still here. Thank you for keeping it going all these years and thank you in advance for any updates you can add to it!

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