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> Celtic tribes of europe, Long list!
Welsh Guy 
Posted: 12-Nov-2002, 05:34 AM
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I promised to post a list of Celtic Tribes in Europe at the time of the roman Empire, here it is:-

NAME- LOCATION(S), And/Or Some Remarks
Aduatuci- L Meuse River.
Aeduii- Mid-France, between Loire and Saône Rivers.
Allobroges- SE France near Lake Geneva
Ambarri- Mid-France kinsmen of Aedui
Ambiani- N France, near Amiens
Ambiliati- Allies of Veneti
Ambisontes- Alps
Ambivareti Subtribe of Aedui
Ambivariti- N of Meuse R.
Ambrones- Denmark, France, Central Europe
Anacalites- SE England
Anari- S. Po
Anartes- near Danube
Andes- N lower Loire R.
Aquitani- Aquitania S of Loire
Aremorican- Brittany
Arevacians- N Spain
Arverni- S France (Auvergne Mts.)
Atrebates- S England, N France
Atuatuci- France
Aulerci- S France
Ausci- Aquitanian tribe
Batavi- Rhine delta
Belgae- SW England, Belgium
Bellovaci- N France
Bibroci- SE England
Bigerriones- S France
Biturges- Mid-France, Bourges
Boii- M France, N Italy, Austria, S Germany
Breuci- Yugoslavia
Brigantes- N England
Britons (Britanni)- S England
Cadurci- SW France
Caereni- N Scotland
Caeroesi- Germanic
Caledones- N Scotland, Pictish
Caletes- NE France
Cantabri- N Spain coast
Carnuni- Alps
Carnutes- Mid France, SW of Paris, Orleáns
Cassi- SE England
Catalauni- N France
Caturiges- N Italy
Catuvellani- Mid-England
Celtae- Latin plural for Celts
Celtiberi- N Spain
Celtiberians- Group of tribes in Portugal & Spain
Cenimagni- SE England
Cenomani- Verona
Ceutrones- N Italy
Cimbri (Cimmerians?)- Denmark, Black Sea, France, Asia Minor
Cocosates- Aquitanian tribe
Condrusi- Germanic
Coritani- E England
Cornovii- N Scotland, Mid-England, Cornwall
Cotini- Czech Republic
Creones- W Scotland
Curiosolites- French W coast
Daci- Mid Balkans
Daesitiates- Yugoslavia
Damnonians- West Ireland
Damnonii- S Scotland
De Danann- Denmark, Ireland
Dardani- S Danube
Deceangli- N Wales
Decumates- S Germany
Delmatae- Yugoslavia
Demetae- W Wales
Diablintes- Veneti allies
Dorians- Celt like, Greece
Dumnonii- Cornwall, England
Durotiges- SE England
Eburones- Namur, France
Eburovices- N France
Elusates- Aquitanian tribe
Epidii- W Scotland
Eravisci- Hungary
Esubii- France W coast
Gabali- Near Averni
Gaesatae- N Italy
Galatians- Gallacia, Turkey not a tribe a general term
Galacians- Galacia, Spain perhaps the same as next
Gallaeci- Gallacia, Spain
Garumni- Aqutianian tribe
Geidumni- Nervii Subtribe
Grudii- Nervii subtribe
Harudes- Denmark, Central Europe ? Germanic
Helvetii- Switzerland
Helvii- Switzerland
Heraclids- Celt like, Greece
Iceni- E England
Insubres- N Italy, Milan
Laii- N Po
Latovici- Switzerland
Lemovices- North of Limoges, France
Lepontii- N Italy
Leuci- SE France
Levaci- Nervii subtribe
Lexovii- Normandy
Libici- N Po
Ligurians- N Italy, assimilated
Lingones- SE France, E Italy
Lusitanians- Portugal, Celtiberians
Maeatae- Scotland
Mandubii- NW France
Marcomanni- Austria ? Germanic
Mediomatrices- Alps
Meldi- E Paris
Melisians- Ireland
Menapii- Belgium, France
Morini- NE France, Artois
Namnetes- Brittany, France
Nantuates- Alps
Nemetes- S Germany ? Germanic
Nervii- Belgium, France
Nitiobriges- SW France
Novantae- England
Ordovices- Wales
Osismi- Brittany, France
Pannonii- Hungary
Parisii- Mid-England; Paris, France
Picts- W Scotland
Pictones- Western France
Pirustae- near Illyria
Pleumoxii- Nervii subtribe
Pretani- England
Ptainii- Aquitanian tribe
Raurici- Salzburg area
Redones- Brittany, France
Regni- SE England
Remi- N France, Belgium
Ruteni- S France
Saluvii- S France
Santones- W France
Scordisci- Yugoslavia
Seduni- upper Rhône
Segontiaci- SE England
Segusiavi- Lyons
Selgovae- N England
Senones- Mid - France, N Italy
Sequani- SE France
Sibuzates- Aquitanian tribe
Silures- S Wales
Sontiates- SW France
Suessiones- N France
Suetri- Alps
Suevi not a tribe, a sacral association of Celts (Langbards, Macromanni, Quadii and Senones)
Sugambri- France
Taezali- E Scotland
Tarrbelli- Aquitanian tribe
Tarusates- Aquitanian tribe
Taurini- Piedmont
Taurisci- Yugoslavia
Tectosages- Galatia, Turkey, Toulouse
Tencteri- France ? Germanic
Teutani- Another name for Teutones
Teutones- Denmark, Central Europe -Cimbri, France
Tevrisci- Slovakia
Tigurini- Bordeaux
Tolistobogii- Galatia, Turkey
Tolosates- N Italy
Treveri- S Germany, Belgium
Trinovantes- S England
Tricasses- N France
Trocmi- Galatia, Turkey
Trumpilini- Alps
Tulingi- NE of Helvetii
Turones- Near Tours, France
Ubii- N Rhine, France
Umbrians- Apennine peninsula, Mid Italy
Usipetes- France ? Germanic
Vangianes- France - Germanic
Veliocasses- Lower Seine R.
Velnani- Alps
Vendelici- S Germany
Venelli- Normandy
Venetii- Brittany, France
Venicones- E Scotland
Venoti- Alps
Veragri- Alps
Vindelici- Manching
Viromandui- NE France
Virusii- Alps
Vaccaei- Portugal, Celtiberians
Vocates- S France
Voconti- SE France
Volcae- S France
Volcae Arecomici- SE France
Volcae Tectosages- Czech Republic
Votadini- S Scotland

Celtic Tribes In Ireland
Amalgado - Killala area, Mayo
Baiscin - W. Clare
Cairpre Gabra ? Mide
Cairpre Dromma Cliab ? Carbury
Calraige - Ardagh, Carbury, Ballymote
Carbri Riada - Antrim & Alba (Dal Riada)
Carbris - NE Sligo, N Leitrim
Cenél Maine - Lough Forbes
Cenél Fiachach ? Durrow
Chera - Castlebar, Mayo
Ciarraige - N River Suck
Ciarraige Airtig - W Lough Gara
Clann Cholmáin ? Mide
Colla DaCrioch -
Colla Uais -
Colla Maen -
Conmaicne Cúile Tolad - E Lough Mask
Conmaicne Mara ? Connemara
Conmaicne Réin - Carrick-on-Shannon
Corca Mruad ? Burren
Corco Moga - W River Suck
Corco Fir Thri - W Lough Arrow
Cuircni - E Lough Ree
Dagda ? Inishowen
Dal Cais - Previoulsy known as Deisi, Dalcassians ? Thormond
De Danann -
Deagades - Subtribe of Earnaan ? Munster
Delbna Bethra ? Clonmacnoise
Delbna Nuadat - W Lough Ree
Delbna - Iar Connacht
Earnaan - Lough Erne, Kerry
Eberians - South Ireland
Eremonians - North Ireland
Fir Bolg - Fir Domnann, Domnanians ? Erris
Gailenga - Bohola, Mayo
Gamanrad - Glenamoy, Mayo
Grecraige - N Lough Gara
Ithians -
Locha - Iar Connacht
Luighe - W Cork
Luigni ? Sligo
Máenmag - S Lough Rea
Mag Réin - E Lough Bofin
Mag nAi ? Baslick
Mag nAirtig - S Lough Gara
Mag Luirg - S Lough Key
Medraige - Clarinbridge, Galway
Melisian - All of Ireland
Musciri -
Mruadh -
Muiresc - Inniscrone, Sligo
Osraige ? Munster
Partaige - S Lough Mask
Partholonian -
Rudricians ? Ulster
Sodhan - Ui Maine country
Sogain -
Tethbae- E River Suck
Ui Briuin Breifne ? Leitrim
Ui Ailello ? Boyle
Ui Briuin Sinna - W Lough Ree
Ui Failgi ? Offaly
Ui Neill ? Ulster
Ui Fiachrach Mauide - N Lough Conn
Ui Briuin Umaill - Between Westport and Newport, Mayo
Ui Fiachrach Aidne ? Kiltartan
Ui Briuin Seóla - Belclare, Galway
Ui Maine - S Connacht
Ui Briuin Ai - Central Connacht
Ultach -

Quand tout renaît à l'espérance
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Posted: 12-Nov-2002, 06:06 AM
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Gosh WG - I bet that surprises some people, it certainly surprised me!

Of course, I've never subscribed to the view that 'celtic' meant only Scots/Welsh/Irish/Cornish/Breton/Basque - but I never knew there were QUITE so many tribes!
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Posted: 12-Nov-2002, 10:09 PM
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It is great to see all of these tribes and to know that research is being done on the Celtic tribes.

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  Posted: 17-Nov-2002, 05:27 AM
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::viking OMG my Mother was right! Europe was Hinze 57 long before they ever came to the Americas. ::hehe
In all seriousness WG, that is quit alist. It helps to prove that, you go back a few generations; we are all related.  (d)
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Posted: 26-Jan-2010, 09:26 PM
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My father's male line ("Carlos") were likely of Ireland's "Ui Briuin Ai - Central Connacht." The specific sept was Clan Cathail (aka Sil Cathail).

I am of Carlos' of Ireland, County Roscommon around Strokestown. I am a Carlos-of-Ireland one-name researcher. Carlos'-of-Ireland were likely part of Clann Cathail (below). It's accidental that the name sounds Spanish or Portuguese. Some Carlos' of County Roscommon come down to present day as "Don Carlos," where I believe the "Don" either refers to the color brown or the goddess Danu. The closest I can tell without hiring a professional genealogist, Cathail morphed into Carlos, Corliss, Cahill, and many other spellings (with or without the O').

In the 1800s, known individuals having married Carlos' of County Roscommon were Duffy, Fallon, Flanagan, Gill, Hanley, McDermott, Moran, Teague (with or without Mac or O').

Clann Cathail and Clan Connor - Ó Maoilbreannain (Mulrennan) is noted as a sept of Clan Cathail, chief of Clanconnor (in Castlereagh barony). Ó Flannágain (O'Flanagan) is listed as a chief of Clan Cathail, with territory between Mantua and Elphin. Ó Mughróin (O'Moran) is cited as a chief of Clann Cathail, as head of a powerful family seated at Ballintober in Co. Roscommon. Ó Mughráin (O'Moran) is noted early in Co. Galway as chief of Criffon, in the barony of Killian, Roscommon and part of the barony of Ballymoe, Galway.

Clann Cathail is named from Cathal, the son of Muireadhach Muilleathan, who lived in the late 7th/8th century. O'Donovan describes the territory of Clann Cathail (the O Flanagan of Mag n-Aoi in Roscommon) comprising the parishes of Kilmacumshy, Kilcorkey, Shankill, and parts of the parishes of Creeve and Elphin. This was on the borders of the baronies of Roscommon, Castlereagh and Frenchpark.

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Posted: 26-Jan-2010, 11:01 PM
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No claim here. But it is very interesting.
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Posted: 16-Feb-2010, 02:38 AM
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Great work- re Boii- being meself based in the Czech Republic, I had to add that they were here too. Cheers, mate. Jeremy
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Posted: 02-Sep-2014, 09:39 PM
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This list is fascinating. Wonder why I never saw this before.

Thanks for posting.
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