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Posted by: MelissaDawn7 14-Mar-2014, 02:56 PM
So I've been interested in getting a tattoo for a long time and I have done lots of research but I haven't seen exactly what I want yet. I'm interested in all things Celtic but I don't know how to put the things I like together into a nice tattoo.

I really like the claddagh, luckenbooth, Scottish thistle, my clan tartan, motherhood knot, trinity knot, roses, and the Celtic cross.

Does anyone have any suggestions or could possibly design one for me? I don't like to rush in to things and I don't want to get a permanent tattoo until it's something I am going to love!

Also, I'd love to see some of your Celtic tattoos!

Posted by: Keltic 17-Mar-2014, 08:23 AM
First thing to do is to find a reputable tattooist and look through their portfolio. If the tattooist is good, they should be able to put together a piece with the elements that you bring in. My wife had a tattoo designed based on Norse Mythology which ended up amazing! She had brought in about 8 pictures and drawings and after about 4 redraws, the tattooist ended up bringing her what ended up being a beautiful piece.

Here is a picture of my newest piece

Posted by: MelissaDawn7 27-May-2014, 10:51 AM
Thanks! I have been gathering pictures and ideas so I'll probably just take them in and see what they can come up with. I really want to get the motherhood knot and my husband wants to get the fatherhood knot (pictured below). I think that would be neat! Your tattoo is cool! I am not really in to skulls on me but it is really interesting. I think getting the Scottish flag somewhere would be cool too.

Posted by: skeets52 25-Nov-2014, 06:08 AM
The best thing I can suggest is to get the ink that MEANS something to you, and that way years down the road, you wont have to cover it up or kick your self in the slacks because you got it!

Posted by: munchkin5450 25-Nov-2014, 08:02 AM
I agree with Skeets.....I personally have 3 tattoos although I didn't get my first until I was in my early fifties. My first is special to me because a young man, one of my son's friends, bought it for me. I more or less adopted him after his mom passed away from cancer while he was in high school.

My second is a celtic cross over my heart in memory of my dad who passed of colon cancer about 7 years ago.

My third is a panda holding a heart on my left inner wrist......a reminder of my son who was given the nickname by his co-workers after Kung Fu Panda came out. It soooo suits him. By the time my daughter and I actually saw the movie, we were rolling on the ground laughing our asses off because the main character and his actions fit my son so well.

I want to get one more tattoo to represent my daughter but I just don't know what design to choose. It'll come to me one day. biggrin.gif

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