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Posted by Haldur on Jul 29th, 2005 6:54 PM
was unable to reformat my PC because it said the hard drive was locked (?) whatever. windows, i figure.

so I removed service pack 2 (whatever purpose it ever served I'm not sure) and was able to successfully install Fruity Loops 4!!! I was so excited, but tired at the time, didn't really get a chance to celebrate. got a book at B&N on piano and guitar chords. plan on putting that to good use for some of my recordings that I plan on doing. currently working on a bunch of different projects:

1) The Broken Theory - project with Anthony Perry consisting of hard rock and synthesized beats courtesy of Fruity Loops, still going on, two new songs and going

2) Project X - project with Anthony Creech (Aaediwen) which has gotten a recent start in the form of Honore Mon Enfant, not really able to work on it much anymore due to being on 3rd shift

3) Sarah's work - project with my wife, Sarah, that has had a little bit of work (mostly on her part) but needs to be fleshed out and recorded

4) Solo work - my own solo work, been on hold for a little bit due to being busy writing other stuff, been given a kickstart by yours truly due to the fact that I now have Fruity Loops 4!

All of these projects will benefit in some way by my purchasing of a good mixer and a mic (or mic's)...I have my car paid off so that'll be extra money. Plus, I donate plasma pretty regularly and that will provide some good capital for my studio!

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