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Posted by Haldur on Jul 27th, 2005 9:23 PM
sitting here at work, working some OT in the wake of a big rain storm that hit India. fun, fun...but i really can't complain. i truly like nightshift; it seems to suit me, for now anyways. i'm learning a lot and not doing too bad emotionally/stresswise. dayshift seems like a far-off Hell that I've left; night shift, on the other hand, is quite peaceful, laid back and so much slower businesswise than days.

so far, i've racked up 20 hours of OT, which will go on the next check. i figure that i can actually get started on my home recording studio after doing some shopping around a bit. ive found some cool items on musician'sfriend.com but i'm not for sure how I could go about paying for them. perhaps money order?

i can't wait to get this home studio thing off the ground...i figure without S&H it will run me roughly $140 for a Behringer mixer and 3 Behringer microphones. i'll need to get some cables (at least 3, maybe a couple more for backups) and a few mic stands too, which i can get at a local music store or somewhere.

also, gonna have to reformat my PC here soon. gotta purchase some good CD-RW's to backup all my mp3's, docs, and stuff with. probably run me about ten bucks, maybe a bit more. thinking about getting cable internet or something other than AOL (AOHell) which is giving me the willies. i had a couple files disappear and some quirky things happening on my PC; but, again, i made the big mistake of editing the registry.

i'll never do that again...ever.

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