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Brick and Mortar
Posted by Aaediwen on Aug 24th, 2007 4:36 PM
Ya know, I used to be on Peer to Peer networks grabbing music all the time back in the free Napster days and such. Before I found Highlander (And for a while after) It was a key way that I discovered music or learned what to look for to find what I wanted to buy. It wasn't the negative attention or any kind of fear that drive me away from those systems. I stopped using them because I could no longer find what I was looking for. And when I did find it, I might or might not be able to get it.

It would seem that Brick and Mortar stores are starting to falter in the same way. It seems that when I go looking for music, I never can find what I am looking for by going to my local Hastings, or Disc Jockey. I consider myself lucky to have found Nightwish at Disc Jockey, and I've found Blackmore's Night at Barnes & Noble. Several artists though, which I have gone looking for and come up empty on are: Pipin' Hot, The Cast, and Seven Nations. I just went to my local Hastings looking for some material and came up empty for The Fennians and Steeleye Span. I also can't help but notice every time I go in there that most of the artists in my Celtic library are missing. No Smokey Finish, occasionally I've seen Altan (missing today), no Amadan, I saw 2 CDs of Clannad (total, didn't look if they were the same title).

I really don't doubt that my own Celtic library is probably larger than theirs. With selection like that, what's the point of going there to look? If I have to order everything, in order to get it through them, then I might as well just sit here and go through an online retailer. That way I pay the same price, wait the same length of time, don't have to talk to anyone, and don't have to go anywhere, while the CD is shipped directly to my home.

Someone want to tell me what's the point of a brick and mortar music store anymore?

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