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Exiled Reign
Posted by Shoshannabeth on Feb 15th, 2016 1:11 AM
Search ye the lost vision upon her horizon?...
Vanquished afar from ye establishmentOdelusion...
How lofty the look upon a mariners tideOrecollection...
Surely her exiled haunt shud reign with no bludier windsOdetection...

But now we hold nosuch lady invain or wantOliquer...
The merchant kings stage is a bedfullOvomit for allhecan takeOher...
Turn beauty to ashes & royalove into leftovers...
Wheregoes the praise before unending offeringsOflattery?...

I live here-I can never leave here...
She reigns there where the heart alone can hold her...
The bonnie green shall never tell ...
The bloodystains remebered well..
By he who wud subdue & yet be king...
To his fairyquen & her exiled reign...

As wild as the rose will passions rule
Ore the king who trades love for gold as a fool...
But purer than the rose is her love for he
Who plucks the thorny crown to set her free!...
For once the kings heart is ruled by the world...
Her loveshant be found among his treasures ofold...
So make away alas with his sacred burial ground...
Beforewhome we shall rule ...his good ol glorious dunghell drown!...

I lived there I could never leave there...
For a slaves wages I labor nomore or remember where...
Time had forgotten my heritage beyond...& kept secret all my pauperking has found...
The royal landOpromise on this weddnday...
My truer love has he...alone...
upon our Exiled Reign! king.gif

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