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Wicked Tinkers

WICKED TINKERS perform the kind of music you might have heard hundreds of years ago at a Scottish wedding, ceilidh, or around the campfire of a Highland raiding party. Since 1995 they've brought their vitality and humor to stages across America. They have been blending the emotion and power of the Great Highland Bagpipe with the pounding of raw tribal rhythms for over seven years and have recently added the haunting sound of the Bronze-Age Celtic Horn - a sound lost for over a millennium. They play the music of the Scottish Highlands, spicing it with the Celtic tunes of Ireland and the many lands graced by the Gaelic people. Touring the U.S. for most of the year, WICKED TINKERS has made friends and fans of folks from all over the world.

Aaron and Warren met in the early '90s at the Celtic Arts Center in Los Angeles. "We both felt an affinity for what could be simply produced by Scottish bagpipes and a big, skin-headed bass drum. This combination seemed to tap the very soul of Gaelic Music. We had each been looking for a way to somehow express the feeling of the ancient within the modern world. With WICKED TINKERS, we are able to get back to a simple roots sound that can best be described as a sound of our ancestors, re-animated and re-dressed, to connect with the 21st century - a raw sound that can touch you on a deep emotional level.

WICKED TINKERS performs 'Gaelic bagpipe music' - not the refined piping and drumming of a modern pipe band, rather they have been waking people up with their own version of this tribal, ethnic music. Now, they are a four piece band with Aaron Shaw's award winning piping; Warren Casey's loud, warm, and earthy drumming; Keith Jones' sure, rapid-fire snare and percussion; Wayne Belger's, rich, soulful didgeridoo and now, the Celtic Bronze-Age Horn. This mixture brings bagpiping back to the forefront of the Scottish Highland Games entertainment circuit. It has a way of converting all ages into fans of bagpipes and drums.

WICKED TINKERS have entertained audiences at some of the largest Highland Games, including Pleasanton and Costa Mesa, in California; the Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games in Enumclaw, Washington; the Texas Highland Games in Arlington, Texas; and festivals in Estes Park, Colorado, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, as far east as the Macalester Scottish Country Fair in Minnesota and the Kentucky Scottish Weekend. In 2002 they will be making it to the east coast for the Rhode Island Celtic Festival and the Mid-Winter Scottish-Irish Festival and Fair in Pennsylvania. You may have seen them on TV in the drama, "High Incident," in the recent Dixie Chicks music video, "Ready to Run," and on the Chabad National Telethon. In fact - if you've ridden the 'Discovering Scotland' attraction in Edinburgh, Scotland you've already heard them!

WICKED TINKERS sound is the distillation of the passion of a people and their music. Like a fine, smoky Scotch whisky, it's a little rough around the edges but unmistakably the real thing.

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Wicked Tinkers

Listener Comments

Member Name: IrishBeachLassie
Date Posted: 22-Feb-2015
Comments: These guys are awesome; first saw them at Scotish Fest in Costa Mesa, California, then again last year, even got my picture taken with them, they are HOT to say the least. They are fun and personable, see them in person, you won't have any regrets, buy their CD's, you won't be sorry. Their didgeridoo player CJ is excellent, its amazing what he can do, and Aaron, the BEST bag piper around. Anyway, nuff said for now; definitely at the top of my list!

Member Name: CASkullyFan
Date Posted: 30-May-2009

Comments: While at Scotfest I did pick up their new CD, Rant, It is incrediable, I LOVE their music and they put on a great show; I will see them every opportunity I can, I'll soon have all their CD's, they are great! They do have a lot of fun, but I think one of them is acdcepting a offer in Vegas, I'll have to read it again, I'll get back with that.

Member Name: DesertRose
Date Posted: 28-May-2009

Comments: Once one sees the Wicked Tinkers' perform live, there is no turning back!

Member Name: valpal59
Date Posted: 28-May-2009

Comments: QUOTE (Dogshirt @ 27-May-2009, 11:45 PM) The Tinkers Rule!!!!!!!!!!    Response:  I second that. I have all of their cds. They never come near our area, so I will probably never get to see them. Val

Member Name: Dogshirt
Date Posted: 28-May-2009

Comments: The Tinkers Rule!!!!!!!!!! To see them live is a true experiance. I have seen them the last three years at the Pacific Northwest Highland Games in Enumclaw, Wa. They are an anual performance and each year they are a HUGE draw! I would go to see them even if I didn't love the games!


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