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Artist: Tannahill Weavers
Album: Arnish Light

Song: The Arnish Light Set

Coming up: Steafan and Saskia, Milesios, Trian, Hanneke Cassel

Recently played songs

Artist: The Here and Now
Album: Ladybird

Song: The Errant Ball
Artist: Solas
Album: The Words That Remain

Song: Sproggies Set (Reels): Sproggies Reel; Up All Night; Weaving Dreams
Artist: Trad Teens
Album: Music for Mercy

Song: The Maid of Castlebar, In Memory of Timmy
Artist: House Of Hamill
Album: Wide Awake

Song: The Pinnacle
Artist: Planxty
Album: The Well Below the Valley

Song: Reels: The Dogs Among the Bushes/Jenny's Wedding
Artist: Brenda Castles
Album: Indeedin You Needn't Bother

Song: Reels: Fox On The Prowl/House Of Hamill/Kilty Town
Artist: Moving Cloud With Matt Malloy
Album: Green Linnet Records : The Twentieth Anniversary Collection

Song: Chinese Polka / William Durette's Clog / The Boys Of The Lough
Artist: Natalie MacMaster + Donnell Leahy
Album: One

Song: Wedding Day Jig
Artist: New Road
Album: Stone Walls and Street Lights

Song: The Cat That Ate The Candle-Butter And Peas-The Scolding Wife

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