Whiskey of the Damned

The Whiskey of The Damned might be hailing from Milwaukee, WI, but they certainly do have an Irish heart thanks to frontman Eoin McCarthy as well as to the distinct Celtic influences within the band’s blend of rock music.

The band’s up-tempo folk/rock hybrid sound reminds us of bands such as Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphy’s, but unlike these acts, the Milwaukee combo leans more towards the folky side, allowing their raw energy to shine through the song arrangements even without walls of electric guitar.

The band's 2014 studio effort "Monsters are real" starts with a beautiful vocal harmony that eventually bleeds into a classic punk rock anthem in the style of bands such as Bad Religion, No Use For A Name or The Adolescents…but with the Celtic kick!

Gypsin, Thumpkeg and Burn Your Suicide Notes are probably some of the most exciting tracks on the entire album as straight-forward melodic hardcore punk blends in with Irish rock in a really compelling way. The band is excellent even when not stomping at full blast: "The Unknown" is a touching folk rock ballad that makes us think of Johnny Cash jamming with the Gaslight Anthem and some great Irish fiddle players!

Whiskey of The Damned set out to develop a formula that bridges the gaps between classic Irish rock sounds and new school punk rock music: this album is a pretty great example of that! 5 Stars from Celtic Radio.

5.0 Stars!

Monsters are Real by Whiskey of the Damned

Track List
1. Batons and Guns
2. Gypsin
3. The Unknown
4. Burn Your Suicide Notes
5. The Good Rat
6. Lucky One
9. Maria
10. When it all Comes Down

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