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Album The Elders Hoolie Rating
Year 2012 # Rated
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Genre Celtic



I would walk all day to Denver Though I'm here still, it's all uphill, my steps are not so sure Since I've got a lot to leave behind I know by now that I will find what I'm not lookin' for I would / Swim all night to Saginaw And I know what I'd be gettin' into if I found the one Follow where the river flows Down the road where no man goes Just behind the sun It's a race inside my soul to keep movin' Pickin' up whatever is mine I can't win but I just try to keep from losin’ In my wanderin' life and times If I took a train to Birmingham That could have been my battle plan if only she had tried I thought I had a winning streak Although my will and words were weak my heart was open wide I would drive to Van Nuys With moons around my bloodshot eyes and coffee in my veins Every roadhouse in between, on rubber, gears and gasoline If I could see her face Really hoped that I could see her And maybe watch her walk on by like I don't know her name Down by where the water rose, that late night poetry comes and goes But everything's the same Maybe I will find her someday I know the circumstances and the secrets have to hide I'll just keep it all next to the vest, and keep on rollin' to the west Across that great divide

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