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Album 2012 Live Rating
Year 2012 # Rated
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This song was written by Stan Rogers, a Canadian folk legend. The first time ETH performed it, they were at the Stan Rogers Folk Fest (StanFest) in Canso, Nova Scotia. Trevor had the idea of inviting as many other artists as possible onstage for the epic ending of the song, and he spent half the day running around the festival with an iPod and headphones teaching the part to a wide variety of Canadian folk artists. When the big moment came onstage, however, EVERYONE missed the cue and remained in the wings. It was pretty hilarious. We felt better the next night when Stan's brother, Garnett Rogers, invited us onstage to sing "Northwest Passage" with him. It was a pretty special moment, standing on stage in Nova Scotia with a folk icon and singing a song we'd grown up with while the Atlantic wind whipped around us. Be sure to check out the original version of White Squall, it's incredible!

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