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What is Celtic Radio?

Welcome to Celtic Radio - the home of Highlander Radio, Celtic Moon, Celt-Rock-Radio, SaltyDog Radio, Celtic Dance Tavern, Earth Radio, Best of Celtic Radio and Celtic Christmas. We are an award winning internet radio station broadcasting a wide range of Celtic music 24 hours a day. We play Scottish, Irish and Celtic music from musicians across the world. If you like bagpipes, fiddles, or step dancing then you have come to the right place! Our broadcast is available world wide to anyone with a computer, an internet connection, a pair of speakers and a compatible media player. Unlike traditional radio stations, Celtic Radio does not believe in annoying our listeners with advertisements or commercial breaks! That is because we are 100% supported by a community of listeners (make a donation!) who love to hear our continous feed of beautiful and heart pounding Celtic music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Celtic RadioTM is a TorontoCast radio station that is based in Canada. TorontoCast provides music license coverage through SOCAN. Legal questions should be referred to TorontoCast. We only play music that is provided to us directly from the artist or label and will do our best to help promote new music through our online directory, music reviews and featured on our Celtic Music broadcasts.

Highlander Radio won the Best of Live365 Award for the World music station category. Out of 40,000 internet radio stations, Highlander Radio consistently is ranked within the top 100 most listened to station on Live365 and Radionomy. If you are a musician and would like to receive airplay on any of the Celtic Radio Channels, then please visit our musician section for more information.

Our listeners are very important to us, so that is why we provide the latest web and streaming technologies to enhance their visit to Celtic Radio. Such as an automated “state of the art” web based request system, which allows for live song dedications to appear on our front page. Or a completely searchable song database with detailed information about each and every song in our playlist rotation. Our technology allows us to show the listener the currently playing song and album cover on our frontpage along with a live feed of the top ten most requested songs. For our die hard Celtic Radio fans, we offer an enhanced membership account called the Celtic Radio Founder's club. This exclusive membership package comes with email, web hosting, enhanced member tools, special contests and much more. These and many more features can be found by discovering our site, so please do bookmark CelticRadio.net and come back to visit often!

You will find more than just an internet radio station here at Celtic Radio! Above everything else we are a community of peoples from across the world that share the common interest of Celtic music and culture. Whether your background is Irish, Welsh, Spanish, English or Scottish – we are all bound by the same ancesteral Fathers and Mothers that brought us searching for this music and our roots. One only needs to join our community forums to understand that while we maybe thousands of miles apart, friendship and good conversation are just a heartbeat away. Does that mean you must be of Celtic lineage to join our site? Absolutely not, we have many active and participating members that join not because of their ancestry, but simply because they love good music and our friendly, caring community.

So, you might be wondering now how did Celtic Radio come to be? What is our inspiration? Celtic Radio is a group of people that created this site to bring together a community of listeners, performers and musicians to share and converse in Celtic culture. Our inspiration for this endeveour is the music, but let’s face it, the radio waves and TV are ruled by an endless barrage of top 40 musicians and performers. Listen to your local AM or FM band and chances are you will not find many Celtic music stations, if you find any at all! How then can the devoted musicians that play at the Irish Festivals and Highland Games ever get heard beyond that venue? How can people discover Celtic music if there is no place to listen? Hence was born the idea of a free 24 hour Celtic Radio station available on the World Wide Web for all to enjoy.

We hope, through our small efforts, that we will introduce many more people to discover and delight in the music that has been nearly 5000 years in the making. Celtic music has character, it has grace, depth and inspiration. We thank you for visiting CelticRadio.net and hope you will join our growing listener community. If you should have any further questions or comments about our site, please contact us anytime!


Come by the Hills

Come by the hills to a land where fancy is free
And stand where the peaks meet the sky and the lochs reach the sea
Where the rivers run clear and the bracken is gold in the sun
And the cares of tomorrow must wait 'til this day is done.

Come by the hills to the land where life is a song
And sing while the birds fill the air with their joy all day long
Where the trees sway in time and even the wind sings in tune
And the cares of tomorrow can wait 'til this day is done.

Come by the hills to a land where legend remains
Where stories of old stir the heart and may yet come again
Where our past has been lost and the future has still to be won
And the cares of tomorrow must wait 'til this day is done.

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Celtic Radio is a TorontoCast radio station that is based in Canada. TorontoCast provides music license coverage through SOCAN.
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