The origins of the Tarot are vague and obscure. Tarot symbols have been linked to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics found in temples and on the tombs of the Pharaohs. The very meaning of the word hieroglyph is a picture or symbol representing a concept or sound that is difficult to read or decipher. It invites the question: did the ancient Egyptians perfect the symbolic language of hieroglyphics in order to conceal a message? Mystics and occultists believe they did, and regard the hieroglyphs as symbols of higher knowledge and wisd"; align="right" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="292" height="247">om. Such wisdom, however, retains a mystical aura and confounds the believer and critic alike.

There is at present an immense interest in the search for esoteric knowledge as people around the world begin to revise their ideologies and role in the universe. The spiritual climate appears to correspond with the changing meteorlogical conditions. The Celts had identified the changing seasons with the spiritual cycle of man, and it added a dimension of consciousness to their lives which raised their perception of the natural and supernatural world. They had a Western tradition of esoteric knowledge that has been sadly ignored and neglected.

The Arturian legends of the Celts are more generally known. The fabulous quest for the Holy Grail is written about with increasing enthusiasm and speculation. It contains a wealth of mystical wisdom and reveals the Celts' spiritual nature.

In pre-Christian days, the Druids were the priests and prophets of the Celtic people. Their conception of death was remarkably similar to the Egyptians, also believed in the immortality of the soul...a doctrine preached by Pythagoras and many pre-Christian light bearers. In the Druids' symbolic system, the four elements of the universe were the Four Spirits or Four Winds of God. The four elements represented two dual forces: Heaven and Earth (for Air and Earth), the Sun and Moon (for Fire and Water). Druidic philosophy and religion provide an insight into the mystical nature of Man which is still relevant today.

The Celtic Tarot has been devised in order to reinstate a lost legacy of Celtic art and mythology within the ancient wisdom of the Tarot.

Celtic Radio Comments: The Celtic Tarot is an inspired blend of Celtic art and Tarot wisdom, as each special card has been linked to the major characters of the Celtic myths and gods. This special pack includes 78 lushly illustrated Tarot cards as well as an accompanying 160 page book that examines the meaning of the individual cards as well as the best way to interpret your readings.

The combination of Helena Patersonís exploration of the Celtic people and their mystical Druidic religion and Courtney Davisís world-famous designs results in an inspired package whose vitality and power will delight and enthrall lovers of mythology, Tarot, and Celtic art."; width="374" height="275">

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