Formed in 2005, Songs for Ceilidh combine Irish, Scottish and Canadian Maritime Celtic influences with American heartland roots and acoustic pop/rock. Their original music includes traditionally inspired Celtic melodies and modern narratives, with an emphasis on high energy, upbeat rhythms. Their name says it all, Ceilidh [Kay-Lee], a foot stomping, high energy party. In other words, a rip-roaring good time!

"You are never quite sure what they are going to throw in," says a fan. "One minute they are playing "Whisky in the Jar" and the next the fiddle is belting out the solo from "Stairway to Heaven". It makes for a very interesting show!"

The four band members each bring their own specific influence. Hailing from Canada, Scott sings and plays the acoustic guitar, bodhran and tin whistle. Bryan plays fiddle with a blend of American and Celtic styles, sings backup and plays guitar. Chuck keeps the music moving with his steady twelve-string and banjo strumming while Jon ties it altogether with Djembes, bongos and any other percussion the music needs. The four unite to bring a truly unique sound to the music.

The Philosophy
Songs For Ceilidh was not formed to be a cover band. Their interpretation of traditional Celtic classics owes more to Cape Breton influences then it does to traditional Irish. While respecting the original music, their arrangements reflect a modern sensibility and desire to "keep it moving"! Their ever growing body of original works reflects this same balance of tradition and innovation.

While they bring a solid repertoire of traditional Celtic classics, don't expect to hear "Danny Boy" or "Irish Eyes". Lively and fun is the emphasis. Upbeat classics and originals, with the occasional love song or ballad, provide a sound which appeals to all. "We're looking for people to enjoy themselves as much as we do! That's what it's all about!"

The Resume
Since 2005, Songs For Ceilidh has become local favorites in Massachusetts. Performances include the Worcester Irish Festival, the Worcester St. Paddy's Day Parade, and the 2008 Worcester Flag Day Festival. They have also performed in numerous town concerts and local pubs and been featured on the Internet, local radio and television.

The Music
In 2009, Songs For Ceilidh released their first full length CD "Beneath the Waves". In 2008 Songs For Ceilidh's demo CD was featured on Highlander Radio and two of the songs, "Jolly Rover" and "The Catch", both became most requested songs in the month of April. On St. Paddy's Day, 2008, the Band's performance at Mickey Cassidy's Irish Pub was recorded and selected tracks are available at Today, the band is actively writing and preparing for their second CD.

Celtic Radio Comments:
"Songs for Ceilidh" is a hot new group that combines Irish, Scottish and Canadian Maritime influences to create a swell of deep-sea musical Celtic heaven. Their debut album "Beneath the Waves" is a compilation of singing, dancing and traditional music that will delight and fascinate with 10 tracks of Celtic bliss. Raise your glasses high and join in the chorus of "One Pint" or be swept away to the cold and windy sea in the beautiful and moving song "The Catch." Some of our other favorites is an excellent rendition of "Finnegan's Wake" (the best we have heard in a while) and "Just One Drink" (ok time to go to the pub).

"Beneath the Waves" is a great album to escape to the sea, the pub or sitting in your favorite chair with a few cold ones. Where ever you would like to be, we highly recommend this album to all serious Celtic music fanatics. 5 Honey pints of Mead for "Songs for Ceilidh's debut album - "Beneath the Waves". We will be looking forward to their next album!