Hello everybody and welcome to my music…. My name is Martin Byrne and I hail from The Blackhills overlooking the scenic fishing town of Skerries, North County Dublin. As a boy I have fond memories of watching the fishing boats come and go from the harbour and this inspired me to write my very first song called ‘All The Little Boats ‘.

During the 1980’s when the stark reality of emigration had set in, my thoughts turned to the many thousand emigrants who had left our shores. This inspired me write the song ‘Ireland My Ireland’ as a wish and a prayer that many of our sons and daughters would one day make it back home.

I found myself with an overwhelming desire to write enough songs to record my first album, and here it is. Like most songwriters I spent countless hours with only my acoustic guitar for company searching my inner most thoughts for the words to express my feelings in song. A dream is only a dream until it is realised and now my dream has come true.

My wife Patricia, who has been a great inspiration to me, has a great knowledge of both local and national history. Patricia urged me to write about one of Irelands unsung heroes the legendary Thomas Ashe. I researched the history books and penned

‘The Ballad Of Thomas Ashe’. Boy am I glad I listened her!

In January of 2007 a double tragedy occurred off the south east coast of Ireland. Two fishing trawlers the Pere Charles and the Honeydew 11 sank within 24 hours of each other with the loss of 7 lives. The responsibility, the feelings and the shattered dreams of those involved weighed heavily on my shoulders as I undertook to write the song ‘Flowers On The Water’ in memory of all those lost at sea.

Finally everybody looks for the defining moments and the things that have influenced them in their quest for success. For me this is a very simple question,– undoubtedly the evening that I walked into Sidetrax recording studio in Drogheda and met Gerry Simpson. My musical world changed completely. From the humble beginning of making a demo to producing and recording me and my songs, Gerry has become an inspiration, a guide, a mentor, and above all a true friend.

And finally, songs are written to be sung. You don’t have to be a singer to be able to enjoy them. Hum along and do what ever it is you do, and if our paths cross up ahead, do come up and say hello.

Hello and welcome to the great new album release by Martin Byrne entitled MY IRELAND.

This beautifully crafted album is a collection of Eleven original tracks all written by Martin himself. It covers a wide range of topics from the Famine -- 61 Days, to the legendary Tommy Makem -- The Bard Of Armagh -- right up to the rivetting ballad -- Haul Away. As the title suggests - MY IRELAND they are all songs about the people the place and the history of our great land.

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Martin Byrne