News from Clann An Drumma has arrived:

Well, it's been some time since the last Clann An Drumma update, and there has been a lot of things happening with the band recently, so we thought it was time for a short update on what's been going on.

As you will probably know, the band are currently in the U.S. finishing off part one of their 2004 tour before returning home to Scotland - however, not before appearing at the Glasgow Highland Games in Kentucky, USA from 3rd-6th June. So far, the band have loved every minute of the tour - and of course they can't wait for the GHG !

If you haven't been on our website recently -; - for those that have forgotten) - there have been quite a few changes. The website has now been through 2 complete facelifts and we are sticking with the current design. Various new features have been added, including a new forum and integrated chat area, but probably the most popular new feature is CLANN AN DRUMMA RADIO !

Yes - that's right, we are now streaming the sound of Clann An Drumma to your PC, anywhere you can get an internet connection and anytime you like! So, next time you're bored at work, need some cheering up, or even want to wake the neighbours at 3am (only joking) just visit and click RADIO.

Another popular feature has been the Clann An Drumma screensaver. Featuring a huge variety of images of the band, performing, on the road, and also just chilling out and taking in the view - accompanied by some of your favourite tracks! The screensaver IS a large download (approx 23mb) - so it'll take a while if you're on dial-up - but well worth the wait.

The most recent development though, is the release of 2 NEW ALBUMS from Clann An Drumma - Tribal Eyes. and also Tribal Waves, the band's LIVE album! Tribal Waves is now available to purchase on the website, and Tribal Eyes is coming VERY soon! Also coming soon, the band will be releasing a DVD - more news of this will be available shortly.

"Tribal Waves has no track listing, it is simply a 45 minute sound experience and like many live performances the moment overtakes the formal sequence of audio recording.

Absorb instrumental vibrancy at its best and align yourself to each and every individual response to the live energy and beat of the music released through the inspired improvisation of the clann's rhythmic power base.

Imagine the waves of the mighty oceans joining forces to become one frenzied mass of percussive tribal power, this is the deep pounding heart of Clann an Drumma. Let these giant waves of rhythmic force overwhelm body and mind like the oceans engulf the shore driven by timeless elemental forces of nature and the cosmos.

Be as one with the tribe!

Well, that's pretty much it for now. do come and visit us on the website, browse around, check out the new features - maybe join in other fans in the LIVE chat. but as always, KEEP IT TRIBAL!

Sláinte (to your health),
Clann An Drumma.