">;"; align="left" hspace="15" width="221" height="279"> We continue with this month's "Go Wireless" article to explore the many different ways to utilize wireless technology to improve your home music experience. The">; Sennheiser RS120 Wireless RF headphones with charging cradle is this month's featured product. This is an ideal choice for wireless use of both Hi-Fi audio, Computer and the TV. The open-ear headphones are supraaural and provide detailed, warm sound reproduction with a strong bass response. The headphone receives sound through walls and ceilings so you won't have to remain in the same room as your equipment. Power comes from NiMH batteries that are recharged by simply putting the headphones on their transmitter base that can be mounted to a wall. The entire system weighs just 8.1 ounces.

These headphones are absolutely amazing. There is no interference and the claims of 300 feet range is just about right. Sound quality is excellent. Bass is strong, mids are prominent, and highs are crisp. The headphones and base are ergonomically made and look just great next to your computer or home theater system. One of the impressive features of this product is the versatility of using it with any number of home music systems. Whether that is your DVD player, Computer, MP3 player or Internet Radio system - the Sennheiser RS120 works flawlessly with all!

Current price for the Sennheiser RS120 is $62.61 from">; which is currently 43% off from its regular price. If your range requirements are less then 300 feet, then you might try the model below - the">; RS110 which is currently retailing for under $40. Either way you can't go wrong with the Sennheiser and that earns it a 5 star review from Now Go Wireless!


Features of the">; Sennheiser RS120: